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This week's episode highlights some of the more spacey ambient psychedelic music that's been on rotation around here for the last few weeks. This mix is somewhat of a tribute to French label Ultimae Records and their roster of groundbreaking sonic engineers. Perhaps most noted for their Fahrenheit Project series , Ultimae Records have consistently produced top quality psychedelic ambient music since around early 2000. I remember buying the first Fahrenheit Project CD ( there are about 6 now ) and thinking this is a change in style for the ambient psychedelic scene . Suddenly the music became less trippy and more structured , haunting and emotional. The subsequent releases I listened to did not disappoint either and I quickly became a big fan of all things Ultimae.

aes dana download liveI especially recommend Aes Dana who is featured in today's ambient mix. Aes Dana , a.k.a Vincent Villuis is one of the label heads at Ultimae and is also involved in the production side of a number of Ultimae's artists. His music is ambient, psychedelic, etheral and panoramic on a scale that really sets him apart. His latest albumn , Leylines is another step forward in the evolution of the Ultimae sound.

Check out this fan produced video of Aes Dana's song "Signs" :

Well that's about it for today. It's so hot hear today I think I'll go pour a cold bath throw on the Leylines CD and chill riiiiiigggghhhht out. Enjoy today's mix and let me know if there is anything you would like to hear in the future episodes. Cheers ....

carbon based lifeforms
carbon based lifeforms

Artist - Track
  • 01. Vibrasphere- Breathing Place
  • 02. Solar Fields - Water Silence
  • 03. Xerxes- Early Morning Crystals
  • 04. Aes Dana - Leylines
  • 05. H.U.V.A Network - Synetric Lifes
  • 06. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis
  • 07. Ocelot - Londinium Chills
  • 08. Scann-Tec - ASD
  • 09. Asura - Altered State (kumharas mix)
  • 10. Evan Bartholomew - And Surrender
  • 11. Tripswitch - Tachyon
  • 12. Mystical Sun - 2012
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Anonymous said... @ 24 August, 2009


great music, I'm only familiar with Vibrasphere, Solar Fields and Carbon Based Lifeforms.. The other artists have great tunes too!!
I think you made a mistake with the track by Carbon Based Lifeforms.. actually it's titled 'Photosynthesis'

Great initiative!
Greets from Belgium

Unknown said... @ 24 August, 2009

You're right ! Sorry about that.All fixed now. I should proofread my own handwriting more often. Thank you very much for pointing that out. Nice to meet you.

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