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Hello again and welcome back. Join me today as I feel the summer vibes and sail away on an ocean of ambient dub. This is pure mind cruise control - full of hypnotic beats, warm basslines and tweekin' vibrations. Once again we have a number of new tracks to present here. Check out Zen Lemonade if you get the chance ! They have been around for a long time now as they let things flutter out from their Balinese bungalow every now and then. Live however is where they really shine so keep an eye should they come through your town someday. Comprising of Australian Gus Till and Supercozi from Japan, Zen Lemonade have produced some excellent psychedelic ambient music over the years and it's great to see them still going strong.

super cozi gus till
Super Cozi

Their latest album , 'Babylondon' - is a deep organic dubby fusion of Breaks, Jazz, Funk, Ambient and 70's Psychedelic Rock with deeply rooted techno influence. 6 years since their first album, it showcases their musical transformation, embodying full new psychedelic statements of the sort only they can make! Plenty of guitars, bass, percussion and gamelan, every track has a distinct dynamic groove - digitalized yet deeply organic. Thrilling soundscapes, tough yet delicate and featuring a cast of fantastic musicians ( including a special appearance by Steve Hillage of System7 ).

Zen Lemonade playing live in Athens , May 2009 :

If you enjoyed that then you might be interested to hear that Gus has an equally interesting brother by the name of Andrew Till , label head of Australia's groundbreaking record label PsyHarmonics. Psy Harmonics stand as one the world's longest running and most respected psychedelic ambient and techno trance music record companies. Andrew is also an accomplished DJ having played at many of the world's leading psychedelic trance festivals and has dabbled at production in the past too. This is a pretty cool mix. I especially like the Eric Elser - Night Surfer tune. Well I won't keep you any longer with my otaku like ramblings , so let's get on with the mix.

vlaster download
Vlaster playing live
Cheers ...

Artist - Track
  • 01. Molten - Faction
  • 02. Stress Assassin - Time
  • 03. Pushmipulyu - We Make It Work (Impossible Dub Mix)
  • 04. Zen Lemonade - Shy Dub
  • 06. Pitch Black - Harmonia
  • 07. Easily Embarrassed - Phenomenon
  • 08. Koan - Sirens
  • 09. Vlastur - Voices Of The Past
  • 10. Third Ear Audio - The End?
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