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Welcome to the first episode of PsyAmb , the psychedelic ambient audio headspace. Here I will be presenting regular mixes of the best in psychedelic,ambient, ethnodub and spacial audio imaginings available. Check back for updates and feel free to contact me with requests and general feedback. This episode of psychedelic ambient music is a mix of old and new. I especially like the Capsula track, Bluetech and of course Ott's "Shower of Sparks" which is a phenomenal piece of ambient psychedelic chillout. If you like this mix feel free to bookmark the sight and check back regularly for more ambient psychedelic music downloads.


Cheers ...

Artist - Track

  • 02.Dem Cowboys - Illuminus
  • 03.Tripswitch - Tomahna (Kuba Rmx)
  • 04.Digital Mystery Tour - Saute Mouton (Syndrom Mix)
  • 05.Androcell - Gnome Dosed
  • 06.Entheogenic - Araras
  • 07.Kick Bong - 2 Seasons
  • 08.Capsula - I Know That I Know
  • 09.Third Ear Audio - Just a moment
  • 10.Ott - A Shower of Sparks
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Dub Rain said... @ 18 July, 2009

Excellent mix there. This will go down a treat. Looking forward to more from you guys. Good luck with the adventure.

Joslyn said... @ 11 June, 2011

Hi, your PsyAmb series have earned a new grateful music fan here from Singapore ! :) I instantly fell in love with PsyAmb Episode 1 after listening to it. It was so good that leaves me wanting for more episodes of it, and hence I found them on your blog. I was introduced to this first episode of PsyAmb after downloading it as a podcast on my iphone. Thank you so much - I couldn't be more grateful to you to have brought such excellent music to my life, as most of the commercial mainstream music I've heard from the radio feel like kinda crap compared to the PsyAmb series although they are more of the mainstream pop genres. I just feel liberated from having my senses tortured by all the crap from the likes of lady gaga, etc.

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