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Second ambient trance mix is ready for your listening pleasure. This time I continue to showcase some of the latest releases as well as one two oldies for good measure. Bluetech kicks things off with a very special remix of Shulman's "First Came the Stars". We then travel through a variety of glitchdubby bass driven ethno rippers until Ott brings it all down with the brilliant "The Queen Of All Everything" for a safe landing with all tray tables stowed and seat backs in the upright position.

psychill ocelot one download psychedeicOf special interest in this mix is the work of oCelot (a.k.a Aaron Peacock ). Aaron has been producing electronic music since 1993 mostly for himself but with a few releases over the years. In the year 2000 Aaron began to release under the name of oCeLoT and vectorSelector since 2003 as well.

Over the years his music has changed a lot, and he explores many sounds from psychedelic chillout, to minimal, melodic psychedelic , night time psychedelic , groovy psychedelic , even drum and bass. This year saw the release of his first psychedelic chillout album, "One", on Avatar Records. "One" is a great release and deserves some attention. For Aaron, doing a chillout album was just a question of time. This is one of oCelot's deeper works and the horizon for him shows friendly signs. So let's get into some sounds - presenting the second PsyAmb offering of psychedelic ambient chillout without any further ado. Cheers ...

Artist - Track
  • 01. Shulman - First Came the Stars (Bluetech Remix)
  • 02. Side Liner - Highway Dreams
  • 03. Entheogenic - Sideways (Jong Remix)
  • 04. Eat Static - The Tenth Planet
  • 05. Aural Planet - Hydropoetry Cathedra
  • 06. Easily Embarrassed - Reincarnation
  • 07. Capsula - Retro Inversion
  • 08. Ocelot - Krauter Husli
  • 09. Ott - The Queen of All Everything

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Syex said... @ 29 January, 2012

This mix is superb!

Anonymous said... @ 02 May, 2013

The Aural Planet's track title is cut off...should be "Hydropoetry Cathedral" but this one seems to be a remix, it's a bit slower, chillier/more ambient than the original. Please tell me what version this is? Cheers.

Unknown said... @ 02 May, 2013

Ah yes, my lazy fingers at work again ! That track is indeed a remix, by ManMadeMan, from the Floating Point 2 compilation

Thanks for letting me know mate.

Markus said... @ 02 May, 2013

Thank YOU! I found your site yesterday via a link from Kraftfuttermischwerk to your latest mix. I have already listened to 4 of your mixes. Your site is pure gold! Best regards from Tel Aviv.

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