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Welcome to this week's episode of psyamb. This week's episode returns to more bass driven psychedelic ambient tunes. One tune I would like to bring to your attention is "psychocybine" by Swen (Dzoncy) strOOp. I don't know much about this guy but I hope he gets a bit more exposure as he definitely deserves it. You can find a few sites on the net pointing to samples of his tunes. I recommend either his myspace page or his lastfm site.

Also check out Max Maxwell's music if you get a chance. Originally one third of Matipo Pyramid (a New Zealand trance group), Max has been making tunes on his own now for 10 years. Not all of his music fits into the psychedelic ambient bucket but there are few really tasty ones that can slot nicely into a set.

A small good thingOne more tune I would like to point out is the closing track by "A Small , Good Thing" . This is from their album "Slim Westerns 1 & 2" which I picked up years ago and has been a constant companion for me ever since. It plays as a kind of ambient soundtrack to a spaghetti western movie. Great stuff ! I often use tracks like this to close sets or mix between tracks. Click on the photo of the band (left) to find out more. As always, thanks for listening and your kind support. Peace to you all.

Artist - Track
  • 01. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams
  • 02. Psy Craft - A Song For You
  • 03. Space Buddha - Starchilo
  • 04. Digital Mystery Tour - 010 Seti 101
  • 05. Zymosis - Zeta Bieng Flute Mix
  • 06. Swen (Dzoncy) strOOp - psychocybine (hubba hubba)
  • 07. Entheogenic - Vervain
  • 08. Max Maxwell - Nature
  • 09. Chromosome - Spirit Molecule (Soul Surfer remix)
  • 10. Heathhaze - A Small, Good Thing

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Anonymous said... @ 07 September, 2009

Takes me back about 15 years when I was listening to kiss at 5am

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