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It reached 35 degrees in town today so I'm in a very summery ambient dub mood. This is somewhat of a light dub mix but I hope you all enjoy it just the same. One artist of note featured in the mix is Vibrasphere. I'm sure quite a few listeners will know all about Vibrasphere but for the uninitiated here is a brief introduction to one of the world's most amazing electronic groups.

Hailing from the Sweden, Vibrasphere comprise of Richard Berglof and Robert Elster and have produced a considerable body of work since the band's'inception around 10 years ago. Their early releases were mostly on labels like Spiral Tracks and Digital Structures where they helped pave the way for the Swedish progressive trance scene to become so popular around the world at that time. In between producing their hypnotic progressive stompers they dabble in the occasional ambient tune with a few ambient tracks being released here and there on their own albums as was as compilations from around the globe.

vibrasphere tour downloadTheir ambient sound is best described as lush and atmospheric and has a crossover appeal to lovers of spacey ambient and those who prefer dub or even more worldly ethno sounds. I won't go too much into their more club oriented work here but the lads are pumping out amazing tunes at the moment which has seen them become firm favorites for leading club DJs like Oakenfold,Van Dyke and John 00 Fleming. Personally I can't get into those DJ's at all so I can only assume their tastes are finally starting to improve ! I highly recommend their two recent ambient compilation releases called "Selected DownBeats" 1 and 2 . These two albums are kind of greatest ambient hits compilations of Vibasphere's downbeat work and is bloody fantastic if you ask me.

To find out more about the boys check out their website and online shop for free samples. Well let's get into today's mix ! Please sit back and enjoy some free wheelin' psychedelic ambient dub. RastafaaaaZZZZZzzz zzz zzz zzz...

Artist - Track
  • 01. Dream Lab - Suspicious Minds (Easily Embarrassed Remix)
  • 02. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Erratic Patterns
  • 03. Ott - From Trunch to Stormness
  • 04. Erot - Apostle (Lauges Glitchy Lake remix)
  • 05. Zymosis - Architectural
  • 06. Vibrasphere - Forest Fuel
  • 07. Kuba - The Road to Find Out
  • 08. Vlastur - Cycladic Dub
  • 09. Hallucinogen (In Dub) - LSD (Live In Brixton)
  • 10. Third Ear Audio - Jamaican Robot
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Anonymous said... @ 19 August, 2009

thank you for putting up these mixes! who are you??? you should have a bio and/or links on here to myspace, facebook, etc. i'd like to know who to give credit to. :)


Unknown said... @ 28 August, 2009

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for listening mate. I'll put a bio up soon.


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