Psychill Radio - Psionic Geometries Vol 17

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Here is the DIFM PsyChill radio mix for November 2011.

There are a number of great new psychill CDs out at the moment including the excellent new "Ultimae Records" release "Ambrosia" which features a number of new artists and reflects a bit of a departure from the usual Ultimae sound of Aes Dana, Solar Field, CBL etc. Another release I'm really enjoying is "Ethnoscapes", the debut release from "Atmospheric Records". I don't know much about this new psychill label and their homepage is pretty sparse but this release is a pretty solid ( mastered by Aes Dana ) debut so let's hope they can continue their strong start.

Another great compilation to check out is "Nutek Reocrds" new release "Mira" which has some real gems on it from Abakus, Bohemian ( in this mix ), J.P Illusion and more. Nutek is best known for their psytrance catlaogue with a number of big psytrance producers on their roster including CPU, Painkiller and Azax Syndrome. This is a welcome departure and hopefully not their last. It reminds me of those psychill compilations 3D vision put out all those years ago "Module01" and "Module02" .

One more top compilation released recently is "Origins" by Lisbon's "Woorpz Records". This also marks a debut as Woorpz first psychill compilation and like the two compilations mentioned previously is a solid slice of psychedelic chillout music. If you like Origins I also recommend giving the "Around The Universe" EP by "Timescape" a listen.


Track / Artist
  • 01 Adou - Balance
  • 02 Generation Of Hippies - J.P. Illusion
  • 03 Igmatik (Tripswitch remix) - Abakus
  • 04 Flying Carpet - Elea and Bahramji
  • 05 Entrando A La Via Organica (Intro) - Heterogenesis
  • 06 Solar Prayers - Desert Dwellers
  • 07 17 Grand Way - Bob Tracker
  • 08 Thoughts of space traveller - Lunar Vegetarian
  • 09 Bangus Sangus - Ashnaia
  • 10 Buddhism Turbocharged - Bohemian
  • 11 Beautiful Way - Costa Sea
  • 12 Memories Maze - Astral Waves
  • 13 Shouty One - Orchid-Star
  • 14 Espresso - Super Special
  • 15 Kaleidoscope Eyes - Overdream
  • 16 Form of Life - Chilled C'Quence
  • 17 Dream Of The Moai Part 2 - Astropilot
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Patrick R said... @ 22 November, 2011

Awesome! I look forward to these every month.

Juru said... @ 09 January, 2012

Just a thought...What an absolutely insanely awesome site is this?!

Cloud Tiger said... @ 12 January, 2012

God Bless You. May you have abundant overflowing joy. :D

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