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Welcome to a new mix series here at the PsyAmb podcast. This week I would like to present to you a selection of long psychedelic ambient tunes. I never really mix long tunes into my regular mixes here. Well, nothing over 10 minutes in length anyway. That's all about to change as I think there is just too much good music in my collection to ignore. So here we have volume one is a series of mixes that will concentrate of awesome tunes that travel over the 10 minute mark.

We begin today with the track that put Ott on the map - "Jack's Cheese And Bread Snack" from his now classic debut album "Blumenkraft". Ott has of course gone on to bigger and better things but this track was absolutely mind blowing for me when I first heard it.

Next is a track from Saafi Brother's dubby debut "Mystic Cigarettes" which I sold my kidney to get a copy of back in 1998. Well, not exactly but I was so desperate to get it after hearing tracks from it that I remember driving hours across town to a mysterious record store that claimed to have a copy for sale. They did indeed and I was then in a Mystic Cigarettes listening binge for weeks on end. Subsequent albums never lived up to the promise of the debut unfortunately.

After the Saafi Bros we get into a long tune from Loop Guru's 1994 album "Duniya". When I say long I mean looooong - this one clocks in at over 20 minutes of hypnotic ambient trance so pull up a comfortable seat for a while. I kind of lost track of  Loop Guru around the early 2000's so I'm not sure if they are still producing. 

Next is an interesting track from and equally interesting side project of Graham Wood of Infinity Project fame. In 2003 Graham teamed up with Tony Stapleton to release "Puffed Up" and album what was essentially trance music across varied styles. However it did include this 17 minute monster as the closing track. Personally I wished they followed up with more like the closing track but they never released a follow up anyway. 

The mighty Doof provides the next long player - "Balashwaar Baksheesh" from the original Eclipse compilation "Eclipse : A Journey Of Permanence & Impermanence" released in 1998. The album is surely one of the greatest compilations to come out of the UK ambient trance scene of the late 90s. 

No long play mix could be complete without one of Ishq's expanding takes on universal consciousness. Here is a incredible song from the fantastic album "Sama" of a few years ago. This track builds and builds into a whirling sandstorm of epic proportions. Fabulous stuff.

We then take another look at some late 90s ambient trance off the Tip.World catalog with "Under Mount Kailash" by Process ( Sean Williams / Benji Vaughan ). This of course is off the classic "Mystery Of The Yeti Part 2" which is essential listening for anyone into psychedelic ambient music.

One artists who is never shy to explore a longer tale is ethno ambient trance producer Makyo. Makyo has been going strong since the mid 90s and recently released the awesome "Purnima Remixed" which you can read a review of here. Today's track comes from his 2001 album "Yakshini".

Next up is a track from another great early UK compilation "Liquid Dub Vol 7". There were actually no previous releases i.e Vol 1 - 6 so maybe the album title refers more to the fact that it contained 7 tracks, the first of which is this huge tune by "Industrial Suicide Tribe". IST were one of Simon Posford's many short lived collaborations back around the late 90 to early 2000's. This one featured the work of the brilliant Mad Sheer Khan.

We finish of this long track mix with an track from one of my all time favorite lesser known groups. Amaruvision released just one album, 2000's "Light Energy Performance". A mix of trance and tribal music it captured my attention from the start. It's a real shame they didn't go on to release anything else. 

So we reach the end of another journey into the sounds of psychedelic ambient trance. I hope you enjoy this one - its a nice look back at some classic psybient music. I have a few more of these long play mixes sorted out so expect to see a few more over the coming months.

Cheers ...

Track / Artist 
  • 01. Jack's Cheese And Bread Snack  -  Ott
  • 02. Internal Code Error  -  Saafi Brothers
  • 03. The Third Chamber, Part IV  -  Loop Guru
  • 04. Trumpetfishology  -  Blowfish
  • 05. Balashwaar Baksheesh   -  Doof
  • 06. Urasvati  -  Ishq
  • 07. Under Mount Kailash  -  Process
  • 08. Soar Angelic  -  Makyo
  • 09. Aqua Sufi  -  Industrial Suicide Tribe
  • 10. Om  -  Amaruvision     

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      My, this will live permanently on my mp3 player.

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      thank you very much for this collection. it led me to 'The Third Chamber, Part IV - Loop Guru', which i absolutely love!

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