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Today I present to you a nice mix of music for programmers. Programmers require distraction free music to help them concentrate. It is also important for the music to boost their imagination so that they may code innovative software. I grew up as a programmer and the music I listened to was predominately psychedelic ambient music or simply deep ambient background music. 

For me this was the perfect fit. While some friends and co-workers coded to the sounds of death-metal, for me the hypnotic slow beats and swirling melodies of psybient or psydub brought out the best in my programming.

Here is a mix comprising of some great music for coders of all ages.  I hope you find this mix of some use to aiding your creativity, no matter what base language you are coding in.

It begins with a blast of distant psychill from artists Astronaut Ape and Kyoto before delving into some ambient sounds and then finishing off with glitchy programming from the likes of Frederik Oehr and Hataken.

Cheers ... 

Track / Artist 
  • 01. Sakura  -  Astronaut Ape    
  • 02. Sunrise  -  Kyoto     
  • 03. Combinations (On/Off Edit)  -  Solar Fields 
  • 04. Diagrams  -  H.U.V.A. Network 
  • 05. Submarine Poetry  -  Krill. Minima 
  • 06. Whales Street  -  Irukandji 
  • 07. Return  -  Frederik Oehr 
  • 08. Dark & Long (Most 'ospitable Mix)  -  Underworld 
  • 09. Trampoline Hotel  -  Hybrid Leisureland 
  • 10. Sun Cycles  -  S1gns Of L1fe 
  • 11. Naomeetayub (Paz Mix)  -  Hataken    

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      Anonymous said... @ 11 November, 2014

      Excellent set list.! I think I’ve listened to this set about three, maybe four, times before I realized it. Needless to say, I’ve been very productive (not programming though…).

      Now time to go buy the albums!

      Anonymous said... @ 04 February, 2015

      As a programmer, thank you !

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