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A new beatless ambient mix is on offer this week. We begin with a track from Sinepearl's 2012 album "Through Water She Spoke". Sinepearl is the work of Swedish producer Bjorn Ekegren. Bjorn has quickly established himself as a leading ambient artist. His latest album, "Cycles Within Cycles", was released through Interchill Records early this year and is one I highly recommend for anyone seeking a truly chilled-out experience. 

After Sinepearl we have a wonderfully minimal ambient piece from 36 ( three-six ). This is my kind of thing ! Stripped down, hypnotic ambient music that fills every void and takes you over. 36 is Dennis Huddleston from the UK. This one comes from his album Lithea. He has tons of releases online you can check out and they are all quality including his new one "Dream Tempest".

We then have Peter Turcsoki, aka Garden State, who has produced a wonderful album in "Milam" with plenty of dreamlike ambient soundscapes. I first ran across Peter's work on Soundcloud so why not follow him there and keep up to date on his latest releases.

Wolfgang Voigt
Wolfgang Voigt
Wolfgang Voigt is an electronic music artist from Cologne, Germany, known for his output under various aliases on a plethora of record labels, including Warp, Harvest, Raster-Noton and Force Inc. Although widely known as a tireless producer, he is best known for co-founding the influential German techno label Kompakt alongside Michael Mayer and J├╝rgen Paape.

Voigt is known for his numerous, nearly inexhaustible list of one-off projects and aliases. Of these, his best known is arguably Gas, a project that saw the marriage of ambient music and 4/4 techno. Today's next track comes from his last ( final ? ) Gas album "Pop" released back in 2000.

This is followed by another pioneer of electronic drone and ambiance - Robert Rich. Robert's music has been awakening the minds of listening to the wonders of ambient music since his early landmark compositions at the age of just 19 years old. Now in his early 40's he has firmly established himself as one of the world's most influential ambient artists. Today we have a selection from his last full album, Nest, released in 2012.

Astropilot live
Dmitry Redko - Astropilot
Dmitry Redko aka Astropilot has been featured here at the PsyAmb podcast on a number of mixes. His music is typically of the spacey psychill variety however today I've gone for one his rather excellent all out ambient numbers. 

Pick it up on his 2012 release "Solar Walk 2" and while your at it I recommend the follow up - "Solar Walk 3" from earlier thus year.

After Astropilot we have a track from one of the highlight albums of 2014 - "Viaje Al Interior" by OM. OM is the ambient side project of Chilean trance artist Ovnimoon. The album consists of 6 long ( 10-16 minutes ) ambient tunes which will wrap you in a warm afterglow of the sun through glass on a winter afternoon.

Hailing from British Columbia, Canada, Simon Haiduk has built up a wonderful portfolio of visual art that reflects the dynamic and spiritual side of nature. Utilizing digital art techniques he has developed a unique style that gives his paintings a reflection of cosmic energy and the spirit of life. Years of honing his craft has now been transferred into the world of music with his new album release "Quartz Lake". A beautiful album of ambient journeys that, much like his art, invokes a sense of peace and divinity within your mind. This mix picks up his tune Anaconda which is a deep entho ambient tune that speaks of ancient wisdom. 

Tony D'Oporto, aka Gnome/Gnomes of Kush, has been quite active of late with  ambient label Cyan Music. He has released a full album and a number of EPs over the last year or so.  A new single collaboration with trance legend Manmademan remixed by Suduaya is also proving hugely popular on the psytrance scene. 

Today we have a Gnome track from Cyan Records superb "Ambient Selections Vol 1" release from last year which features some real ambient gems so be sure to check I out.

Fans of ISHQ have had much to cheer about this year with 4 releases of top quality ambient music. Everything ISHQ does is gold and the track in this mix is no exception. You can find it on the album "The Invisible Landscape" which was in part inspired by the late psychonaut Terrence McKenna and ideas of exploring an inner ( in-ear ) world of the imagination. For a great interview and more relating to the past present and future of ISHQ follow this link over at AMG :

Another artist with a long an influential career built out of stunning electronic music is Paul Frankland, aka Woob. Paul's 1994 album "1194" is widely considered a classic in ambient music. Since those early 90s recordings Paul kind of disappeared to the world of advertising sound design before returning in 2000 with all new material. This track, "Delphine Drift", can be found on his recent 2014 release "Ambient Disaster Movie".

Some more Cyan Records music follows on with a track from the follow up to the "Ambient Selections Vol 1" compilation titled, well, "Ambient Selections Vol 2". This is building to be a great series from one of the best labels in the business. 

On volume 2 we see the return of a number of artists from the first volume such as UnderlineWords, Gnome, Manmademan and Zen Lemonade plus a bumper selection of new artists including US based producer Loop Zeppelin who appears in this mix. 

The Cyan team have done a superb job of compiling these albums and lets hope the series continues to grow.

Next is track taken from the Psybient compilation PAZ 2 on Ovnimoon Records earlier this year. An excellent compilation put together by Hector Stuardo. For this mix I've gone with Swedish artist Ren Toudu's ( Eki Jokisalo ) tune Blissphere. Eki has two full releases on Ovnimoon as Ren Toudu, 2012's Intangible and Nemophilist from earlier 2014. He is perhaps best known in the past for his psytrance project Sienis. It's always great to see psytrance artists giving us their slower take on things.

David Sylvian and Can's bassist Holger Czukay released two classic ambient albums in the late 80s - "Plight & Premonition" and "Flux & Mutability". Both of those I highly recommend. Also worth checking out is the "A Brief History Of Ambient" series where you can find the track "Premonition" from today's mix along with a huge selection of other cool tunes across 3 albums.

Next we have a track from Iasos. I ran across Iasos at a young age - somewhere around 8 or so. My local library was managed by a librarian who dressed from head to toe in beige with a beige colored beard and beige glasses. 

Even at this age I knew beige is what happens to colors when they die. The decor of the library was similarly decked out in beige. If you lost your focus the librarian actually was absorbed into the background in a beige haze. 

I wasn't so interested in the books on offer so I would sped my time trying to turn things around 180 degrees on the librarian's desk while he wasn't looking. While attempting a tricky stapler reversal I spotted a record on the desk with the word "Iasos" on the cover. 

I didn't know what New Age Music meant at the time - that came years later. All I knew was that it sounded very relaxing - flutes, pads and sounds of nature - I liked it. Today I've chosen a track from "Celestial Soul Portrait" , a 2013 compilation album of some of his best work. 

Next up is Jeff Pearce. What sets Jeff apart from many other ambient musicians is his expert guitar work. So adept at the guitar that he has been called one of the greatest electronic guitarists of all time. With numerous award winning albums and acclaimed live performances his music is a pure pleasure to hear. Check out his latest release "With Evening Above". Today's track comes from the album "Rainshadow Sky" released in 2008.

(val)Liam - Liam Skogland
After Jeff we have Liam Skogland aka (val)Liam. A couple of years back I was so impressed by Liam's Daydreamer release that I included it in my "best psychill albums" list for that year

Since then he has been busy releasing a follow up album and some seasonally themed 5-track EPs. Today's track comes from another recent EP called Bento. 

Liam has potential to go far with his music, to be up with the likes of ISHQ in the that dreamy psy ambient space. 

Next is a track from the latest Bluetech and Kilowatts collaboration - Invisible Allies. The new release "Conversations With Bees" is the follow up to their debut "Hyperdimensional Animals" album they released in 2010. For the new album they have found a home on Aleph Zero records. Both artists also have some great individual releases out recently. Bluetech with "Dreaming Into Being" and Kilowatts with "Seven Succulents"

We close of this mix with a track from composer Nils Frahm's 2013 release "Spaces". Nils works in the modern classical space and one of the most technically accomplished composers you are likely to hear. His music makes intelligent use of captivating, repeating structures and delicate soft electronica. 

That's it for this mix. Hope you all find something you like within and are able to track down some of the tunes. While you are listening you could read through this long account on ambient music by Chris Melchoir which has a number of interesting points to think about. 

Cheers ...

Track / Artist 
  • 01. Changa  -  Sinepearl
  • 02. Another World  -  36
  • 03. Memoir  -  Garden State
  • 04. Pop 5  -  Gas
  • 05. Generosity of Solitude Part 2  -  Robert Rich
  • 06. Inverted Worlds  -  AstroPilot
  • 07. Suspension  -  Om
  • 08. Anaconda  -  Simon Haiduk
  • 09. Alone In The Pathway Of The Ancients  - Gnome
  • 10. Forest Stream  - ISHQ
  • 11. Delphine Drift  -  Woob
  • 12. Rain in July  -  Loop Zeppelin
  • 13. Blissphere  -  Ren Toudu
  • 14. Sylvian + Czukay  -  Premonition
  • 15. The Descent of Spring  -  Iasos
  • 16. Night Path  -  Jeff Pearce
  • 17. Miso  -  (val)Liam
  • 18. Honey River  -  Invisible Allies
  • 19. Familiar  -  Nils Frahm       

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