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Making a Top psychill albums list is never an easy thing. You are locked in a battle of what you think the listening public likes versus what you know , in your heart , to be the most amazing releases of the year. We all have our own opinions and ideas and the psychedelic ambient genre , despite it's somewhat specific nomenclature , encompasses a variety musical styles. This can lead to a lot of heated debate as to what actually should be included in a list - "I
s it really psychill ??".

There are some stand out albums I heard that did not make the list such as "Tokyo" by "Marconi Union" ( who also ranked #1 on the most relaxing song list by a british research team), "Here for Now" by "Seventh Swami" and "Undercurrent" by "Kilowatts". These are top albums that I enjoyed very much but I felt they did not sit comfortably with my definition of what makes up psychedelic ambient music. So all I can do is present a list of albums that in terms of the "style" of psychedelic ambient music that I like, left the biggest impressions on me for 2009.

Some potential top 25 entries were released very late in the the year and as such I may not
have had an opportunity to listen to them yet. A prime example is "Hanging Masses" by "Cell". One final filtering point I used was the exclusion of some albums that comprised half psychill tunes and half uptempo trance like tunes. To be fair this is an ambient site and I did ponder over whether to include such releases for quite some time. In the end I felt that to be true to the nature of all things this site is about I couldn't include such albums in the list.

2009 has been a great year for top psychill music. We saw many releases from new artists and a few from established heavy weights. Some like the Ultimae crew 's Aes Dana, Solar Fields and H.U.V.A Network sent us on emotional journeys across the outer reaches of the galaxy. Others such as Shpongle , Kliment and Yggdrasil journeyed inside out minds , tweaking frequencies with psychedelia , groove and humor. Then there were artists lik
e Don Peyote with his meditative masterpiece that reminds us all to look around and take some time out now and then.

Rank Artist Album
01 Shpongle Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
02 Don Peyote Eternal Now
Capsula Sense Of A Drop
Chronos & C.J. Catalizer Quid Est Veritas
Yggdrasil Prose Edda
Kliment The Perpetual Ritual
07 Aes Dana Leylines
Solar Fields Movements
Third Ear Audio Third Ear Audio
Zero Cult Dreams In Stereo
Val(Liam) Daydreamer
Koan When Silence is Speaking
Bluetech The Divine Invasion
Master Margherita Hippies With Gadgets
H.U.V.A. Network Ephemeris
Various Hope ( Fluid Audio )
Various Natural Born Chillers 2 ( Aleph Zero )
Vlastur Interaxion Dub
James Murray Where Edges Meet
Kuba Bringing it all back home
Mystical Sun Energy Mind Consciousness
Various Imaginary Friends ( Ultimae )
Various Fire ( Altar )
Various Peace Therapy Volume 3 ( Kagdila )
Various Vampire Sunrise ( Celestial Dragon )

So there we have it , after much contemplation , my final top psychill 25 albums of 2009. Let me know what your favorites of 2009 are sometime. I'd love to hear your own ideas.

As for PsyAmb , 2009 ha s been a fascinating year full of love , dreams and growth. I thank each and every one of your for your support and wish you all the best over this festive season.

Today I have a special mix comprising of tracks from every one of my top 25 psychill list. This is the longest mix I've done to date. Sorry for the file size , if you have the time and patience to download it all then I hope you enjoy it. There are some awesome tunes in this one !

Artist / Track

  • 01. Don Peyote - Temple of Dreams
  • 02. Chronos & C.J. Catalizer - Voice Of Infinity
  • 03. Aes Dana - Signs
  • 04. Kliment - Travels to the infinite
  • 05. Capsula - Illusion Hill
  • 06. (Val)Liam - Somewhere Not Here
  • 07. Koan - The Island of Deceased Ships
  • 08. James Murray - Where Edges Meet
  • 09. Bluetech - Rite of the Dragonfly
  • 10. Zymosis - Summer Twilight
  • 11. Master Margherita - Binghi Dub
  • 12. Third Ear Audio - Ethereality
  • 13. Zero Cult - Inside The Urban Ocean
  • 14. Kuba - Maria from Huddersfield
  • 15. Vlastur - Neverland
  • 16. H.U.V.A. Network - Dissolving Time
  • 17. Interlaced - Insologic
  • 18. Mystical Sun - Incense
  • 19. Shpongle - Invisible Man
  • 20. Yggdrasil - Everyone Is Looking
  • 21. Dagas - Chibchas
  • 22. Rena Jones - Photosynthesis (Nalepa Remix)
  • 23. Distant System - Lost Sequence
  • 24. Field Rotation - Regenzeit
  • 25. Solar Fields - Breeze

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Anonymous said... @ 05 January, 2010

Thank you for these frequencies! I had some serious work to get done over the holidays, and your mixes allowed me to concentrate and get my head around some technical issues while still enjoying the music. Again, thank you!

Anonymous said... @ 10 January, 2010


Anonymous said... @ 18 January, 2010

from romania whith love....

Anonymous said... @ 01 December, 2011

Did you listen Jah Acid Dub - Delayrium (psydub) ?

Irie ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 13 August, 2013

I found it : Jah Acid Dub - Delayrium :
Great ;-) Full psydub album

Unknown said... @ 12 September, 2013

Thanks for a great mix - I could listen to this all day! Solar Fields is great isn't he! Also thanks to Anon for putting me on to Jah Acid Dub - marvellous heavy stuff.

rui said... @ 21 September, 2013

está brutal!!! obrigado

ibiza said... @ 18 October, 2013

Yes, awesome work yet again. What a service you are doing us fans of psy-ambient by putting together theses mixes and the accompanying info.

Thanks for all your efforts

signodoportal said... @ 28 February, 2016

And Phutureprimitive and Hallucinogen

Anonymous said... @ 21 March, 2018

Thanks so much for putting these together, they've been a huge part of my listening experience these past years, and I'm happy to be back actually purchasing albums again. There's always been good music always will be.

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