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Hello. Back with another psybient journey after a few weeks. This week's episode kicks off with another tune from "The Peaking Goddess Collective". If you like this opener , check out Episode 16 for more info on TPGC.

Next up is "Aquafur" , a group I had never heard of until only a few weeks ago when I picked up the debut "Fuzzy Emotions" CD. It was from there that I found out that Aquafur is none other than "Bruce Tupling" of "WaterJuice" fame. "Fuzzy Emotions" is a terrific release with a variety of styles including 2 or 3 really standout psychill tokers that you shouldn't miss.

Following on from Aquafur is an interesting tune from "Argaman" (Itai Argaman) . This song sounds very "Shpongle" like to me with it's abundance of unique sounds , manic gated percussive effects and the odd bit of tounge in cheek sampling . Itai Argaman taught himself to play the piano from the age of 6 and has been playing the guitar since the age of 9. When he was 15 years old, he composed his first classical piece that included orchestral instruments. A few years later he made his entrance into the world of electronic music and has not looked back since. Check out his awesome CD "My Little Forest" in which he can be heard playing bass, drums, flute, guitar, piano, vibraphone and violin !

Bluetech - Evan BartholomewNext up is the mighty "Evan Bartolomew" a.k.a "Bluetech" with his tune "Probability Tree". I would rate Evan as perhaps the leading glitch dub psy artist on the planet for the last 8 years. His music made an instant impact of the community since the release of the acclaimed "Prima Materia" CD back in 2003. Since then he has explored other styles of music under various names but for me it will always be the tunes under the Bluetech name that have the most impact on my ears. I recommend his latest CD "The Divine Invasion" as his most beautiful , accomplished work to date.

After Bluetech is one of my alltime favorite artists - "Kuba". The first I heard of Kuba (Laurence Harvey) was the track "Aushadhi" by "Grey Beard" ( Humphrey Bacchus, Laurence Harvey, Nigel Walton ) on L.S.D record's "Mana Medicine" compilation. I used to play that tune to death ! Grab Mana Medicince if you can - a classic piece of "L.S.D records" history right there. Brilliant album. Since then Laurence has released three solo studio albums with each one eclipsing the previous in terms of production values, imagination and groove. His lastest CD "Bringing It All Back Home" is absolutely stunning. One of the my top CDs for the year.

Following Kuba's "Shining Rage" track we have "Master Margherita" with his tune Deepchandi from the CD "Hippies With Gadgets". This is a brilliant tune and at over 11 minutes in length it harks back to the old days of psychill where artists were more than happy to make tunes 15 - 20 minutes long. I have featured a few of MM's tunes in the past . If you like this one then I recommend using the search box on the PsyAmb home page for more tunes from this magically melodic manipulator of minds. Also, do checkout the Peak Records homepage for links to various talented people surrounding the Master Margherita universe.

Next up is the Mexican duo "Lunar Sound" with another excellent funky bass psychill production. This is taken from the 2007 compilation "Temple Of Science" on "Nice Dreams Music" label , a chillout offshoot of psytrance heavyweights Spun records. I'm not sure if the offshoot label is still around as their old website doesn't seem to exist anymore. That's a shame as the two CDs they did release were really solid and full of the kind of slick bassline driven psychill that I just love. I haven't seen much from Lunar Sound over the last few years however Raul and Juan are still pumping out quite a deal of psytrance so who knows there might be more chill tracks from them some day.

Australian record label "Up Records" is home to the next tune , "Drive" by "Mental Extensions". This is a fabulous tune with some really nice breakdowns. You can definitely hear the psytrance influences built into this track. "Mental Extensions" are Aussie duo Felix Greenlees and David Kastner. Felix has released tunes under a number of monikers dealing mostly with psytrance production. A debut full release was due for the duo for 2009 titled "Inner Reality" , again on Up Records. "Drive" has really peaked my curiosity in this collaboration so I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on them in future. Oh , for the time being , you can also download some free tunes from one of Felix's other aliases, HYPNAGOG , through the Up Records homepage.

Matte GillardAfter that we "Indigo Violetta" by "Nystagmus" . This is also available on "Up and Away" , the same compilation the previous track "Drive" can be found on. Nystagamus is one of the names used by psychedelic trance and downtempo artist Matte Gillard. Matte has made a few appearances on the excellent and highly popular "Natural Born Chillers" compilations. Under the "Anahata" alias you can find him on the chart topping Midnight Soul Dive compilation that Aleph Zero Records released back in '07. Fluid Motion has a interesting interview with Matte that you can read at the Fluid Motion website. Check out his CD "The Unmade Sound" for some truly epic psychill in that glitchy dubby vibe that Aleph Zero are famous for.

Kuba makes another showing next with his tune "How The Future Sounded" from the CD of the same name. This one has a nice cruisey summer vibe about it that reminds me of "Abakus" in a way. Without getting too hippy on you, I can really feel a lot of positive energy in this tune - you can't help but feel good listening to it. Thumbs Up !

YggdrasilRounding things of in a big way is "Amazing Gnejs" by "Yggdrasil". Yggdrasil consistis of Mathias Eriksson and Andreas Lingbrand. I don't know a lot about this project, this album just sneaked up on me and slapped in the face with its crazy psychedelic tales of Nordic Folklore. Anyway, it's a top notch release that has been getting lots of attention the last few months and for good reason. Check out the Digital Psionics website for more info.

Well that's it for another episode of PsyAmb. Hopefully with the head cold defeated I can get things back on track with some regular weekly releases. On the 19th you can tune into the PsyChill channel on DIFM where I'll be presenting another 2 hour mix in the Psionic Geometries series ( 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm U.S Eastern time) .

Thanks for listening and the positive email I've been getting. Next week I will be presenting my top psybient and psychill CDs and tunes for 2009 so check back then to see how your lists compare.

Cheers ...

Artist - Track
  • 01. The Peaking Goddess Collective - Love & Peak
  • 02. Aquafur - Mythical Conspiracy
  • 03. Argaman - The New Vibe
  • 04. Bluetech - Probability Tree
  • 05. Kuba - Shining Rage
  • 06. Master Margherita - Deepchandi
  • 07. Lunar Sound - Genetic Evolution
  • 08. Mental Extensions - Drive
  • 09. Nystagmus - Indigo Violetta
  • 10. Kuba - How The Future Sounded
  • 11. Yggdrasil - Amazing Gnejs

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Anonymous said... @ 07 January, 2010

Found a new friend and home love the music, direction and commentary + mp3 bonus sweet!
Recently heard Yggdrasil will be ordering me copy of this, a headphone masterpiece and for a debut album a must have. J Appleseed - Peace and all the Best!

Anonymous said... @ 12 November, 2011

This post couldnt be more right on.

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