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2010 kicks off with a short but sweet ambient dub mix. First up is "Phillip Laoss" with a a super soft dub "Situated On A Hill" from the "Landscapes and Machines" CD on "Somnia Records". Somnia is home to some great ambient artists such as Kilowatts and Motionfield. Well worth checking out if you dig spacious, ambient glitch dub sounds. 

Following Phillip we continue the vibe with "Yagya" and his track "Discernment". Icelandic producer Yagya (A├░alsteinn Gu├░mundsson) has been creating atmospheres through melody and sounds for more than a decade. A member of the Thule Musik collective, Yagya also is known for his work as half of Sanasol and also the famed Plastic. 

Next up is "Dub Inside of Us" by "Waveform". This is from Waveform's 5 track digital EP titled "Aromatherpy". You kind find this through the Deeplimit website. Deeplimit is a digital net label which releases all music under the "Creative Commons 3.0" (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported). In short this means you are free to download and copy the tunes from the site. Check it out - there is a wealth of fascinating music on there.

 high priests of electronic dubBack in 1996 when I was getting into ambient electronic dub tunes there was a brilliant compilation I picked up called the "High Priests of Electronic Dub". One of the stand out tunes on the compilation was the hypnotic remix of Download's tune "Attalal" by "Biosphere". I used to play that tune over and over so I hope you enjoy this one. One year later in 1997 Biosphere would go on to release the seminal "Substrata" album , one of the best ambient music albums of all time. "Download" also has an interesting history in that it features members of Skinny Puppy - a band many consider to be the founders of the electro-industrial sound. 

"Pharoelidae" are next with the track "Entheognosis". This is another free download I acquired through the excellent "Ektoplazm" website. It can be found as part of the "Entheos Audio Archive Vol 1.0" compilation. Really good quality stuff considering the price. Ektoplazm has an extensive library of psytrance and psychedelic ambient music available for free download so don't delay in taking advantage of that one. 

Any fan of ambient dub would be more that a little bit aware of the next artist in today's mix. "Stress Assassin" a.k.a Henrik Jonsson from Sweden. Henrik's debut CD "Within the Office of Eye and Ear" was released in 2002. It still stands up as one of the finest ambient dub albums of all time. Having received such great reviews on his first release, Henrik followed up with the album "Carrier Track" in 2003. The second releases did not achieve the same success as "Within" and Henrik soon changed his moniker to "Porn Sword Tobacco" along with a new direction in sound.


Zero Cult was one of my favorite artists of 2009 and featured in a number of mixes from last year as well garnering a creditable position on my year end poll. This tune , "Walking on The Moon", has a backing melody that reminds me of the tunes on Healer's "WonderGround" album. I wonder if Emil was ever a fan .... 

By the way , speaking of Healer , you can download a lot of his tunes for free ( 320kbit ! ) at his website. 

After Zero Cult we have "Kuba" with a track from the CD "How the Future Sounded". Kuba ( Laurence Harvey ) is one of the most respected artists in the psychedelic ambient music scene. It's not hard to see why - his output has been both prolific and of a consistent high quality. I don't think I've ever heard a bad tune from him ! Last year saw the release of his fourth studio album "Bringing it all back home" on "Chillcode music". 

"Warp Technique" follow up next with the tune "Make Animals Happy" from the album of the same name. The album was one of favorites of 2008. If you haven't heard it yet then I definitely recommend tracking down a copy. It has some excellent artwork by Japanese artist "Yuki Mori". Check out the "Dubmission Records" website for more info. Some of you may be interested to know that Bill Robin of Warp Technique has done remixes for Pitch Black in the past under the alias "Friends Electric". 

Next up is a group that have a special place in my heart. "The Omm Squad" are an Australian trio consisting of of Chris Innes, Damiano Verna and John Crombie. They have been around for about 10 years producing various styles of electronic music from break beat / drum and bass to dub and the occasional psy trance tune. 

Prior to this Chris & Damiano played in number of indie rock bands around Melbourne, releasing music through the Shock label, whilst John played Hardcore punk in a number of outfits around the same time. This tune, remixed by "Side Liner" , is from the "Nova Natura" compilation released through "Cosmicleaf Records".  

Today's mix is rounded off with an unlikely tune from GMS and Jimbo - two acts perhaps best known for their thumping psychedelic trance music. Still , when they put on their dub hats and mix in some of their trippy psy riffs it kind of works and provides for something a little different.

I guess that's it for now. Please enjoy this little dubby offering and I wish you all the best for 2010 ! Bredren and Sistren ... Irie ! I and I .

Artist - Track

  • 01. P. Laoss - Situated on a hill
  • 02. Yagya - Discernment
  • 03. Waveform - Dub Inside Of Us
  • 04. Download - Attalal (Biosphere Remix)
  • 05. Pharoelidae - Entheognosis
  • 06. Stress Assassin - Martial Meditation
  • 07. Zero Cult - Walking on The Moon
  • 08. Kuba - Give It Time (Indian Summer Mix)
  • 09. Warp Technique - Make Animals Happy
  • 10. The Omm Squad - Strange Harvest
  • 11. Gms V Jimbo - Big Bang

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