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Today we have a psystep / dubstep mix for you all that you might want to turn up your speakers for. Dubstep was born out a mix of dub, breaks, drum and bass and 2-step and is characterized by its now all too familiar wobbly basslines. It took over the world in the early half of last decade and was quickly followed by the inevitable cashing in by commercial enterprises. That resulted in a lot of good dubstep being drowned in a sea of god awful music.

As a welcome offshoot of the dubstep sound, psystep makes use of the dubstep basslines and infuses it with psychedelic melodies and percussion that is often heard in psytrance or psychedelic ambient music.

While there is now a plethora of dubstep artists out there, psystep producers remain relatively few. An occasional tune pops up on regular dubstep compilations now and again. There have also been a number of psystep tunes released on dubstep downloads on offer at free web label sites and archives such as

Some of the leading best psychedelic dubstep / psystep artists include Bird Of Prey ( my personal favorite ), Liquid Stranger, Brujo's Bowl, Heyoka, Phutureprimitive, Ott, Nanda and Kaminanda.  Having never mixed anything as 'heavy' as this before I found it quite a challenge. Certainly a lot more difficult than mixing the ambient tunes I usually upload here. Anyway, if you like your music a with a little more bite you might get a kick out of this psystep/dubstep mix.

My usual file hosting site is having problems this weekend so I've uploaded this to Soundcloud for now. Soundcloud has a download limit I think ( I'm using the free version ). Hopefully my regular host site will be sorted out by the time we get to the download limit. To download the mix simply select the download button at the top right of the player below. Cheers ...

Track / Artist
    • 01. Runaway Boy  -  Lulu Rouge
    • 02. Grainface  -  Nagual Sound Experiment
    • 03. Ikodia   -  Outersect [ An-ten-nae remix ]
    • 04. Spirit Speaks  -  Nanda
    • 05. India Sleeping  -  Mars
    • 06. Finale  -  Cybernetika
    • 07. Atrium  -  Bird Of Prey
    • 08. Quicksilver  -  Birds of Paradise
    • 09. Sub Tropics  - Bird of Prey vs Random
    • 10. Nothing Can Go Wrong  -  Horsepower Productions
    • 11. With Angels  -  HECQ [ Trifonic remix ]
    • 12. Fur Bot  -  Morphonix
    • 13. Adrift In Hilbert Space  -  Ott
    • 14. Walk  -  Ed7
    • 15. S'Elf Power  -  Kaminanda

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    RomaQ said... @ 22 February, 2012

    liked this mix, though I do not like dubstep

    Sam D said... @ 20 June, 2012

    Amazing mix ! I had never heard of psystep before. I like a bit of dubstep and psychedelic music too so this was perfect for me. Thanks for sharing.

    Akis said... @ 21 August, 2012

    AMAZING!!!! But please add times on the tracklist!

    Anonymous said... @ 01 November, 2012


    ArizonaEx said... @ 02 May, 2013

    Holy squonk ! Psystep is my new religion

    Unknown said... @ 17 December, 2013

    World champion!!!

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