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Welcome to the latest psychedelic ambient mix in the psyamb series. There has been a lot of great music released over the Christmas and New Year period with a number of excellent looking releases due next month too from the likes of Kuba ( Random Precision ), Seamoon ( Expressions Of The Moment ), Astropilot ( Fruits Of The Imagination 2 ), Shulman ( Alive ),  Special Places ( Various Artists ), Greenosophy ( Various Artists, Ultimae ) and James Murray ( Floods ).

Today we kick of with the track "Etheral Dream" from Uth ( Alex Lytvyn ). Some of you may remember Alex's work on DJ Zen's Fire compilation a few years back. This track comes from Turtlitava compilation which is now available as a free download from the Ektoplazm website where it is getting great feedback.

lauge-and-baba-gnohm-langbortistanNext is one of 2011's best artists, Lauge and Baba Gnohm. After a few compilation tracks and an EP release, LABG really delivered the goods with their debut release "Langbortistan". This tune, "H2O", is a hypnonoic slice of melodic grandeur. If you dig this tune why not follow the guys on Facebook as they are always more then happy to communicate with listeners and appreciate a kind word or two. 

After LABG is a tune from Russia's Super Special from their debut album "Crystal Forest", released on Trimurti Records around the middle on 2011. This album didn't get the widest of distribution or feedback which is a shame really because although it may not be as polished as a Shpongle album it certainly is a lot of fun with a kind of 60's psych feel mixed with trance melodies and percussion.

Following on from Super Special is Dubtrak with his tune "Dark River Tribe". This tune is a real treat and reminds me of some old school psychedelic ambient music with its evolving structures that slowly build layers of dreamy sounds shifting in and out of each other - kind of like early Saafi Brothers in a way. 

We then have "Misty Mountain" by Deset Dwellers. If you haven't heard of Desert Dwellers yet then stop what you are doing right now and get over to the DD website and check them out at all haste ! Desert Dwellers are an amazing four peice band that create their music by sharing work over the internet. Amani Friend, Rara Avis, Treavor Moontribe & Craig Kohland have created a project that allows them to work apart and combine their unique talents to create some of the best tribal, ethnic electronic music one is ever likely to hear. Essential listening for any fans of electronic world music.

Next is one of the world's rising stars on the psychedelic dub music scene, Globular. Globular ( Morison Bennett ) has taken the batton from Shpongle and Ott and continues to run the race. Sure we could argue that Globular sounds too much like a Twisted Records artist but then again if I like fruit-n-nut icecream why wouldn't I want to see more of it at my local supermarket ! More Globular I say !

ChronosI have featured Chronos a number of times in past mixes and this next tune of his is also worth sharing I think. It's not that often that you get to hear celtic influences in psychdelic ambient music. Hallucinogen springs to mind with his triplets filled tunes on his early music and a few tunes he did under other monikers. So it's refreshing to see it pop up here on this folk remix of Chronos' own tune "Sky Patch". The bag pipes towards the end of the track are especially well done - like Braveheart on acid haha.

Next up is Maharishi ( Borislav Lazarov ) with a track from his album "Sense Of Feather" released in December 2011 on the OUIM Net label - A creative commons liscence net label that releases music for free distribution. Borislav hails from Sofia, Bulgaria. He found early inspiration in acts like TheProdigy, Orbital, Underworld, and FSOL which lead him to his current form of psychedelic music production. Sense Of Feather may be a bit difficult on first listen because there is so much going on his tracks but the more you listen the more you like it and begin to notice what Borislav is all about - souped up, hypno trippy mindscapes. This would be really great music outdoors at a fesitval in the middle of the night.

Before slipping into a few final ambient tunes we have the courageously named "The Innovator" with the tune "All I Need". This can be found on Tunguska Chillout Grooves vol. 7. One could almost assume the name "The Innovator" is a little tounge in cheek as I found this tune comprises of an often used z3ta softsynth plugin preset ! But let's not let the music geek in me ruin what is an otherwise fine tune.

We wrap up this mix with a couple of beautiful ambient tunes. Firstly we have the wonderful Sinepearl ( Björn Ekegren ) with a track from the CD "Dance of Affinity" released on ISHQ's Virtual World Records last year. Finally we close with Elve ( a.k.a ISHQ ) and the tune "Mycelium Dawn" from the album "Infinite Garden" back in 2006. If you like these sounds then head over to the Virtual Records releases page to listen to some more engaging ambient soundscapes from the Virtual roster.That it for this edition of the psyamb podcast. I'm hoping to get another psybient mix or psydub mix up next week so check back then for some more fine ambient electronica.

Track / Artist
  • 01  Ethereal Dream  -  Uth
  • 02  H2o  -  Lauge & Baba Gnohm
  • 03  We Accept Him One Of Us  -  Super Special
  • 04  Dark River Tribe ( Downstream Drift Remix )  -  Dubtrak
  • 05  Misty Mountain  -  Desert Dwellers
  • 06  The Missing Quanta  -  Globular
  • 07  Sky Patch ( Folk Remix )  -  Chronos
  • 08  Call Of The Ancients  -  Maharishi
  • 09  All I Need  -  The Innovator
  • 10  Mysterious Affinity  -  Sinepearl
  • 11  Mycelium Dawn  -  Elve

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    Anonymous said... @ 03 February, 2012

    do you have covers for your podcasts?

    Anonymous said... @ 06 February, 2012

    Thanks for putting up another outstanding mix!

    Anonymous said... @ 09 February, 2012

    Great stuff!
    Number 6 "Globular - The Missing Quanta" is a remix right? It sounds quite different (better) to me

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