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Hello and welcome to this week's episode of PsyAmb, the psychedelic music download podcast. My apologies to those who experienced trouble downloading last week's episode. Everything should be running fine now. First up a bit of news about some upcoming releases. Out tomorrow ( Sep 8th) on Waveform Records is the new CD from Capsula titled 'Sense of a Drop'. The samples on the CD release page sound very nice indeed. Capsula's last album was his debut release titled 'Synthesis of Reality' from Ajana Records. Released over 4 years ago now , 'Synthesis of Reality' was is excellent album full of funky driving basslines , loads of gated effects and delays and of course the excellent "I know that I know" track. Really looking forward to the new one !
capsula sense of a drop downloadNext up is some great news regarding Koan who I featured here a few episodes back. William Grey of Koan has been in touch to let us know that Koan have not 1 , not 2 but 3 new albums to be released this year !! There will be an album titled 'When the Silence is Speaking' released on Blue Tune Recordings. Next is a double CD titled 'Memoirs of a Geisha' from Diamond Records. Finally there will another album release on the German label SpinTwist. Way to go lads - that's what I call productive !!

Also expected around now is the new release from Heyoka titled 'Gate Code'. If you are a fan of dubwise-psy then no doubt you will have heard the original Heyoka release 'Whomp Gland - Pineal Dub' that came out earlier this year. Some of the funkiest, heaviest basslines on ambient tunes ever. Great stuff ! Looking forward to picking that one up.

Changing World records has a tasty looking ambient compilation coming up called 'Avalon Rising'. With over 35 tracks spread across 2 CD's it looks like value for money to me ! Some of the tracks are quite old and appear on other CDs but the lineup of the tracks is impressive and well thought out. Would suit a lazy afternoon of mental psychedelic ambient massaging.

Finally , due for release in October is the new Liquid Stranger album titled 'The Intergalactic Slapstick'. The LS sound is full of heavy dubstep tunage with a twist of psychedelia now and then. Check out his myspace page for more info.

Well that's about all I've got in terms of things on the horizon. So let's get into this week's mix. Being somewhat of mini-milestone , the 10th episode , I decided to indulge in a bit a longer mix this week. Please enjoy this psybient mix and peace to you all.

Artist - Track
  • 01. Solaroid - The Serpent Holder
  • 02. Midi-Terranien - Celebrate that sound
  • 04. Cyrus The Virus - Goa Moon
  • 05. Spectrum Vision - Device 25
  • 06. Mauxuam - Bleeding 4 Africa
  • 07. Sunkings - Micromega (Old Nicks Mix)
  • 08. Tajmahal vs Master Margherita - Butterfly Ritual
  • 09. Derango - An Ancient Tale
  • 10. Atriohm - Beyond Rituals
  • 11. Psyfactor - Freefalling Upwards
  • 12. Organic Substance & Pale Moon Rising - Spiritual Dimension
  • 13. Warp Technique - History of Dreams
  • 14. Netherworld - Jostedaal
  • 15. Howard Marks, Lee Harris & The Mystery School Players - Three Men In A Boat

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