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Summer holidays here and that means time to get some mixes done ! Today I'd like to kick of the summer break with a selection of top psychill songs for your listening pleasure. All of these tracks have a deep space vibe to them. Perfect for chilling out with a cold one to avoid the heat ( so hot here in Osaka !! ). And for you guys in the southern hemisphere - I hope the warm atmospheres in these hypnotic tunes can provide some warmth.

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The first track in this mix comes to us via Swedish producer Jansson Amos from the new compilation "Paz 2" on Ovnimoon Records. Amos has had a handful of compilation appearances on labels such as Ultimae Records, Suntrip and Spiral Trax. His debut album came out last year, also on Ovnimoon Records. 

Burak Ozsoy
Burak Ozsoy - By The Rain
Next is the track Occulting Lights from By The Rain ( Burak Ozsoy ). Burak has been around for a few years now and has put out a number tracks on compilations. I've quite enjoyed everything I've heard so far. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on which you can easily do through his facebook page.

Wavespell is a French ambient producer. He released an album back in 2012 that I quite liked at the time. This track comes from the rather tasty compilation "14 Dragon Tales" on Spaceradio Records from India, an up and coming independent psychedelic ambient label.

Following on we have the welcome return of Ultimae Records artist Circular with a track from his new album Moon Pool. As ever, it is another top album from Ultimae and great to hear new music from the Circular lads too.

Next is one of the leading artists from the European psychill scene - Chronos. Chronos has built up a huge fan base around the world over the past five years with his exceptionally musical version of spacey psychill sounds. His latest album "We Are One" is out now and marks a bit of a departure from his previous work. This time round he flirts with a variety of genres as you can here in this track "Tetra Window Room" with it's old-school Drum and Bass fills. Makes me feel like digging out my old LTJ and Photek vinyls.

Unusual Cosmic Process
One of the highlights of recent months in terms of spacey psychill music would have to be the new album from Unusual Cosmic Process ( Armen Akopov ). Released on Uxmal Records, UCPs new album "Aquatic" is a psychill monster. I'm sure it will be high up my rankings of best psychill albums for 2014 come end of this year. There are a number of tracks I would have liked to include in this mix but if I have to choose one then its got to be this one, Tardigrate.

Another highlight for me is the new release from GMO and pal Dense. After impressing with their 2012 release "Tales From the Yellow Kangaroo" they are back with another storming album of downtempo and progressive grooves titled Equation. Here I have chosen their track Unsaddle which has a great old school bass feel to it reminiscent of early 90's 303 acid house.

Following on is Serankua by Lab's Cloud from the compilation album Spring on Altar Records. Dj Zen has masterminded a great series of albums with his seasonal themed albums. The latest is called Summer which we will here a few tracks from later in this mix. Altar artist Lab's Cloud is Raul Jordan who began life as a psytrance producer before expanding his output to include ambient downtempo music in 2004. Raul is one of the leading downtempo artists today and a major force on the Altar records label. You can read a nice interview with Raul from Psycotrance Magazine here. It's in Spanish so if you can't read Spanish copy and paste the text into Google Translate - it does a fine job of translating directly into English. From the interview I discovered one of his favorite tracks is the classic goa-tech trance tune X-Dream's "The Frog" - me too, what an awesome tune and album that was.

We then smoothly float into a super bit of chillout from Suduaya - a remix of Cabeiri's tune Voyager on the Altar Records album Unity. A beautiful track that includes delicate guitar work, ethereal pads and melodies and some nice vocal touches via some NASA samples. I'm always a sucker for NASA samples !

Solar Fields
I don't usually mix track as long as 10 minutes but when you come across a bit of psychill as good as Solar Fields' "Magic Eye" remixed and remastered for 2014 - well I just cant say no. What a fabulous tune from arguably the greatest psychill artist on the planet. Immerse yourself in 10 minutes of psychedelic ambient wonder.

Now its time for a couple of tracks from that new Altar compilation Summer that I mentioned earlier. Here we have E-Mantra giving us a deep psychill ride with a punchy psytrance like bass that's been knocked down a few BMPs. Then we have an original tune from Suduaya with some of those typical swirling synths he is famous for. The entire Summer compilation is a real treat and if you have enjoyed the previous editions of the series this one is sure to please.

We close today with a brooding tune from deep outer space. Born within a dying sun, washed with cosmic dust and delivered on the solar wind. Yarn ( Ferenc Majercsik and Nandor Horvath ), the new ambient force from Hungary, delivered one of the surprise packets of 2013 with their album Yarnia. Keep a look out for their new album which is due in September. You can also pickup their latest EP "Under The Giant Hat" which you can get from the PsyLife Records site.

That's it for this time. I really enjoyed doing this mix. It's always pleasing when a group of psychill tracks work so well together. Sometimes you have to coax the tracks into the mix but on this occasion the individual tracks are so strong it was like mixing on auto-pilot so to speak.

If you like this one please feel free to share around or leave a comment below letting me know which tracks you particularly liked. Until next time - stay cool ( or warm ! ) wherever you happen to be enjoying life. 

Cheers ...   

Track / Artist
  • 01. Brus  -  Amos       
  • 02. Occulting Lights  -  By The Rain   
  • 03. Avenir du Futu  -  Wavespell       
  • 04. Ashlands  -  Circular       
  • 05. Tetra Window Room  -  Chronos       
  • 06.Tardigrate  -  Unusual Cosmic Process       
  • 07. Unsaddle  -  GMO vs. DENSE       
  • 08. Serankua  -  Lab's Cloud       
  • 09. Voyager (Suduaya Remix)  -  Cabeiri       
  • 10. Magic eye (Remix) Remastered  -  Solar Fields       
  • 11. Dance Of The Firefly  -  E-Mantra   
  • 12. Over The Edge  -  Suduaya       
  • 13. Vernacularity  -  Yarn        

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