20 Psychedelic Patterns Islamic Style

Islamic design makes use of mathematics to create intricate, detailed geometric fractal like patterns. The history of Islamic design finds its roots in the art of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Persian cultures. 

Presented here is a collection of 20 fine examples of design element. Some complex and some more simplified. I find these patterns below to have a decidedly psychedelic retro art feel to them. This is probably because psychedelic art of the 60s borrowed heavily from these types of images as well as the Art Nouveau movement.

In Islam, the designs represent the infinite. That is to say, the complex patterns are a mirror of the nature of creation by Allah ( The Arabic word for 'God') . This is quite the opposite of what one sees in other religions that typically use religious iconography. 

Read more about the background of geometric Islamic art  :

black and white islamic art design

geometric islamic art in blue and white

a circular mandala like islamic design image

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