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Psystep  is a term I'm not exactly comfortable with but I guess it is the easiest way to describe what is going on in today's mix. This mix is a collection of psystep, psydub, glitchhop and, generally speaking, beats and bass psychedelic downtempo. In this mix you can here sounds from a number of present day artists who are exploring new areas in bass driven sounds. It's a heady ride into the vibrations of the universes.

We start with a deeply meditative intro via the spoken words of Darpan and the spatial bass frequencies of Itom Lab. Darpan has a great album of spoken word meditations mixed with ambient soundscapes called "LoveLight" that you can hear online at this link. Itom Lab released a a wonderful EP earlier this year so if you haven't had a chance to hear it year then drop over to the Itom Lab page at bandcamp to hear some tracks from the Brahmin EP. 

After Itom we get into an artist you will hear all over this mix - Bird Of Prey. Bird Of Prey ( Torin Goodnight ) is the world's foremost psystep artist I think. His work with Tyler Gibson as the duo "Birds Of Paradise" is also making huge sonic waves at the moment since the release of their new album "Flight Patterns" - one of the best albums of 2013.

This track is a remix of the Bird Of Prey track "First Step" by another artist full of psystep and psybient whomp - Kaminanda. You can find it on the 4 track EP "Bird Of Prey - Reconfigured". The long anticipated Birds Of Paradise album Flight Patterns proved to be an instant hit climbing to number one on the Beatport Breaks charts. They have recently toured with Kalya Scintilla as part of The Divine Alignment tour so check in with their facebook page to see what they are up to and where to see them live.

Following that we have the duo Akasha ( Shane Harris and Babak Rezvani ) with their track "Out Back" from the album "Into The Web" released early this year. This is one of my favorite albums of 2013. Remarkable production with loads of psydub, glitchy tribal wobbly sounds full of deep basslines and delicate, sophisticated melodies that mix together in a sublime display of musical genius. 

Akasha will be featured as part of the psychedelic arts and music event "The Boogie Returns" in London on November 16th so you guys in the UK should check it out if you get the chance. Good news for people down-under too as the boys will be showcasing their latest tunes during an Australia tour early next year.

Next up is an artist who, despite not having released an album, has really impressed with the handful of singles he has released on a number of recent compilations. I thought this was some very impressive work for a newcomer until I discovered Bohemian is the work of Sirius Isness and BIODEGRADABLE member Max Petersen. Sirius Isness may be known to you guys who are into psytrance as they have put out a number of popular psytrance albums during the mid to late 2000's. Since then Max has gone solo in the trance scene as Mad Maxx, having released a number of hit albums. 

Max’s passion for music began at a young age. Max’s father Gary Peterson is a highly accomplished composer, guitarist, and keyboard player. Gary was a member of influential 60-70s cult band “Formerly Fat Harry”. His band played next to legends such as Pink Floyd, Roy Harper, Third Ear Band, King Crimson and Fleetwood Mac, to name a few. Max’s first tracks were recorded and produced by Gary when Max was just 14 years old. I hope Max can get the time to put a full Bohemian album out someday as his individual singles completely blow my mind.

Another track from Benji Vaughan this week. This time around its some fresh fruit from the album Even Tundra. Once again, I can only say get this album at all cost - it's that good ! If you are interested in hearing samples from the album and other music in Benji's bag-o-tricks then you should check out the mixes he has been putting up on SoundCloud. To listen to his album Even Tundra you can hear it at a number of places online such at Benji's beatport page here.

Next up is Temple Step Project with a track from the brilliant "Embrace The One". TSP sums it up best on their bandcamp page "Temple Step Project's intention is to bring the vibration of sacred ceremony to the dance floor via sacred bass music. Dubstep and Glitch Hop meets Middle Eastern and Shamanic,Spiritual Music." This is music really worth celebrating. Some of the best organic tribal sounds Gaia has to offer. TSP recently completed a successful US tour which took in the festivals Sonic Bloom, Unify, Beloved and the infamous Burning Man. For more info and upcoming release and touring information check out the TSP webpage.

Electrypnose is an artist that has featured on a number of my older mixes - especially the old Psionic Geometries series at PsyChill radio staion of DIFM. So it's good to see another new tune here and this time it's something a little different, something a little more squelchy and grinding with a remix by Far Mosaic.

Wolfen Technologies ( Tom Chant ) makes another appearance this week with a track from his 2013 EP "Perception Deception" which you pick up for free along with his first EP from Ektoplazm here. Tom has just released his third release which is another winner full of expansive, dynamic neuro glitch-hop sounds. Other ideas he has kicking around is to work on a full drum and bass release EP and a record of tech-house gypsy-swing-instrumentalistic-beats ( say what now ! ). 

With his passion for travel Tom hopes to navigate the world and create field recordigns of local musicians and nature sounds to incorporate in his future projects before eventually settling down into a house he built with his own hands. Sounds inspiring. Wishing you good luck Tom. He is also a wonderful visionary artists and you can see his work and join in on visionary art discussion at his new Facebook group Enchanted Visions.

Deada Sound
After a couple of Birds Of Paradise tracks we get into Daega Sound. Daega Sound is the work of two brothers ( Ben and Josh Searles ) from Canada. The lads grew up in a musical family with a composer father and choreographer mother so music was always around and formed a solid base from which their talents have evolved. 

After some Djing and playing around with  triphop / deephouse sounds in there early years they managed to get a studio together in vancouver and began pumping out DubStep tunes to much critical acclaim and BBC radio airplay ! From there, their music has expanded to encompass a wider variety of styles but maintaining a deep bass sound. Their tunes come over as somewhat brooding and dark at times which may be due to what they acknowledge as having "minor tuned" ears. If you like their sound then follow them on their Facebook page and keep up to date on their live events where their deep bass rhythms really shine.

Next we have two tracks from the "Elixir Remixes" compilation. This compilation is a 12 track album of remixes of Kaya Project songs by various artists and is absolutely fantastic. Kaya Project ( Seb Taylor ) actually provides a number of the remixes himself under different names. Seb has around 10 different aliases that he goes by depending on the style of music he is working on such as Kaya Project, Digitalis, Hibernation etc. The two tracks I've chosen for this mix from the album are from Seb's C23 and Chaos By Design projects.

Legion Of Green Men may sounds like a b-grade super hero movie but in actual fact they are one of the pioneering groups of psychedelic ambient sound to come out of the Interchill records label. If any of you guys have been following the Interchill story over the years I'm sure you know what I mean. LOGM have featured on so many of Interchill's best compilations over the past 15 years. 

I haven't heard anything from the guys since the release of the limited edition album Baqontraq in 2007. They remain as one of the most eclectic of groups within the psychedelic ambient music scene with music that covers a wide range of styles and ideas. Always inventive, psychedelic and invigorating, their music is a pure joy to behold. Check out their sounds here at their SoundCloud page where you can also download a number of tunes for free, including the one in this mix.

Finally we have the almighty wizard Globular and a track from his miraculous, mythological new album "Magnitudes Of Order". Globular has had a massive 2013 with the release of the album and playing live to people around the planet at a number of top festivals. It's amazing to see how quickly his production skills have progressed over the last 2 years. His dazzling sounds are up there with the likes of other psydub gurus Ott, Shpongle, Androcell and the like. Inebriating basslines accompanied by elaborate,enveloping melodies will take you on a sonic carpet ride into the outer reaches of the cosmos and beyond. 

That's it for this week. A new psybient mix is on the drawing board at the moment so check back in a week or so for some fresh psychedelic shenanigans.

Cheers ...

Track / Artist
  • 01. Metamorphosis  -  Darpan
  • 02. Orion Sky  -  Itom Lab
  • 03. First Step (Kaminanda Remix)  -  Bird of Prey
  • 04. Out Back  -  Akasha
  • 05. Fractals Everywhere  -  Bohemian
  • 06. Everything in Colour  -  Benji Vaughan
  • 07. Heart of the Whole  -  Temple Step Project
  • 08. Sunny Heart (Far Mozaic Remix)  -  Electrypnose
  • 09. Shining Star  -  Wolfen Technologies
  • 10. Phyzicism  -  Birds of Paradise
  • 11. Presenting Infinity  -  Birds of Paradise
  • 12. Fox Wing  -  Daega Sound
  • 13. One God Dub (C23 Remix)  -  Kaya Project
  • 14. Harem Bizarre (Chaos By Design Remix)  -  Kaya Project
  • 15. Fire At Least (Dubmix) - Legion Of Green Men    
  • 16. Soulgasm  -  Birds of Paradise
  • 17. Tunnel Visions  -  Birds Of Paradise
  • 18. Gateways  -  Globular

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Crystal Dark said... @ 08 November, 2013

Yeah Cool!! Thx a lot :)

Anonymous said... @ 10 November, 2013

Oh yeah. Thank you. Podders

Th3 AtxWeirD0 said... @ 14 November, 2013

you should check out kalya scintilla, i think he would go along with these artists quite well. great mix still!

Anonymous said... @ 14 November, 2013

Great mix, thanks!
- Michael Vonoom

Anonymous said... @ 09 January, 2014

Fang diddly ! I approve

Anonymous said... @ 20 January, 2014

Thanks for a great mix and including our remix of Electrypnose! +1 on the recommendation of Kalya Scintilla, also Quanta & Land Switcher are quality additions. Nice one!, FarMozaic

Unknown said... @ 30 August, 2014

This is an incredible mix, literally none other out there like it that I've come across. All the tracks here are superior in quality and taste. They all induce a state of supreme bliss. Props to you, and thank you so much for giving me something to listen to on a regular basis. Peace and Love

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