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Here is a straight up psybient mix that is full of deep bass and plenty of atmospheric psychedelic melodies. This mix is intended for a quicker head trip so I've kept it a bit shorter than my recent mixes. Have no fear though as there are tons of awesome sounds packed into the 70 or so minutes of psychedelic music which includes a number of classic oldies and some new lesser known artists.

Let's look at some of the highlights. We begin with a Phutureprimitive remix of a tune by American producer ZerO One ( Kevin Dooley ).  Kevin's self titled debut album was one of the first albums I purchased from Waveform records. Released around the late 90s it was one of just a handful of quality psychedelic ambient albums produced by US based artists, with most psychill and psybient albums coming out of Europe. That has all changed now of course with loads of amazing American artists releasing music every other week. Kevin's latest album "sOnar" was recently released on Waveform and you can hear full tracks from the album at his SoundCloud page.

After that we have the classic tune "Numbers" by Nada from CandyFlip Records "Mountain High" compilation. If you like this track then I think you'll love the compilation. Follow this link for a nice review of the album ( scroll to bottom of page ). Nada is the duo Humphrey Bacchus (Humito/Grey Beard) and Russel Davies ( Abakus ). They released a number of singles and appeared on various compilations especially through LSD ( Liquid Sound Design ) records.  It's a shame these guys never made a full album together as they had an awesome sound. Last I heard Humphrey has left music all together and focusing on his career as a healthcare specialist so unfortunately we probably wont see a reunion. 

Pineal ( Nico Canzoniero ) provides the third track with his tune "Pantalika" from the brilliantly trippy album Cauda Pavonis released last year on label Blue Hour Sounds. Following that is another of my all time favs, Seamoon, with his tune "Sunday Evening" from the Higher Mind compilation on Maia Brasil Records released a few months back. 

We then get into a new artist ( for me at least ) from Maia Brasil Records once again. Typically a trance producer, Reflection is the dark progressive psy production project of music teacher Gibb Tartaris; with a range of influences including full-on psy, prog, jazz, dark psy, metal and funk stemming from a decade of writing and recording music. This time around he delivers a downtempo chunky bass psychedelic stomper. You can find this one on Gibb's album "Exit Time" released in August of this year. 

Speaking of stomping downtempo, our next tune is so deep and think you might need help extracting yourself from the sofa once it's locked you down. Overdream's tune "13 Crystal Skulls Festival" is a bone grinder of a tune and you can pick it for free on the "Ancestral Lullabies" compilation released by Astronautic Records. Astronautic Records is an independent nonprofit record label from Canada primarily focusing on Psytrance. The label was founded by DJ Keamia in 2011 and continues to bring high-end music to the scene. Overdream is a psychedelic band from Kiev, Ukraine. Makus and Dana Do, a couple in real life and an artistic duo on the stage and in the studio, dove into the psychedelic scene in late 90s. Though Overdream was formed much later, the guys were active figures on the local scene DJing, organizing numerous psychedelic events and promoting underground music on radio stations. 

Another northern European label , Silent Existence, provides our next track - Afterlife by Parus from the free compilation "Through The Afterlife". After that we have a tune from the Wiquid Liquid Record compilation "Hypnogogia" by Tuval S.  This is followed by Saint Janus and his tune "Squidos Tales" from the album "Beyond Our Culture" on Uxmal Records.  

Our final tracks are two phenomenal tunes by Yarn. These track, Marrakesh and Liquid Sun, are slightly dubbish, psychedelicly spiritual,  enveloping  orbs of musical wonder from their album Yarnia.  It's a wonderfully inventive album with a bright mix of psychill and psybient sounds that will keep you ears transfixed through 10 tracks of deeply emotive psychedelic downtempo. I highly recommend picking this one up.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoy this little journey into the cosmic dance of ambient trance.


Track / Artist 
  • 01. Transformation Bu_ist  -  ZerO One (Phutureprimitive Mix)
  • 02. Numbers  -  Nada
  • 03. Pantalika  -  Pineal
  • 04. Sunday Evening  -  Seamoon
  • 05. Floating Planet  -  Reflection
  • 06. 13 Crystal Skulls Festival  -  Overdream
  • 07. Afterlife  -  Parus
  • 08. I am  -  Tuval S
  • 09. Squidos Tales  -  Saint Janus
  • 10. Marrakesh  -  Yarn
  • 11. Liquid Sun - Yarn    

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Chenn said... @ 04 January, 2014

This is very fine mix, sir! I've been listening to it like dzilion times already and still can do more :)

Thank you

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