Infected Mushroom The Messenger : Original vs 2012 Remix - Which is better ?

Back in 1998 Infected Mushroom were relatively unknown outside their home country. Things were about to change rather quickly though with the release of the debut classic album "The Gathering" the following year. The success of The Gathering propelled Infected Mushroom into trance super-stardom. 

Around the the same time they also teamed up with Dj Jorg ( Jörg Kessler ) to create a song that was more than a nod to the influence of Hallucinogen's "Twisted" and Shpongle's "Are You Shpongle" albums have played on their rapid creative development.

Infected Mushroom
The song, titled "The Messenger" was an epic track twelve minutes of of psychedelic bliss that merged elements of psytrance, downtempo and classical music. The track was released in September of 1999 on the compilation album Kumharas through the Shiva Space Technology label owned and operated by Jörg.

Fast forward to 2012 and the release of Infected Mushroom's eighth album "Army Of Mushrooms" where you can find a remix of the original "The Messenger" as the last track on the album. The new remix make use of modern sounds giving the tune a total overhaul with new tires, a boosted exhaust, a v8 engine and sidewinder missiles !! Mixing in a harder edge with dubstep basslines and thumping percussive effects, the new version is a testament to just how much the Infected Mushroom sound has evolved since that original version. 

While I like the new version I have a problem in that the original has so many good memories for me. So it's easy to get biased when decided which track I like best. Maybe accepting that is the best way to go. If looked at from a musical perspective I would choose the new version but from the view of a work of art I would be inclined to go with the original for the nostalgia it still holds for me. 

Anyway I'm interested if hearing what you guys think ? I've included some YouTube videos of both version below. Which do you prefer and why - the original or the new 2012 remix ? Drop a comment below in the comments box and let me know.

Original 1999 Version :

 2012 Remix :

And just for something different - here is another remix of The Messenger I found on Soundcloud by a guy called JVN from Indonesia :

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Unknown said... @ 09 November, 2013

I feel the same way. It was great to hear a re-work of this classic and they definitely upped the level of production. Change is inevitable and necessary for evolution.

Anonymous said... @ 09 November, 2013

The new mix is amazing.

Unknown said... @ 10 November, 2013

I agree that the new mix is very interesting and playful for my ears. Sure the music and production are much better in this.But the old one cannot be compared, because of the memories, or because it was one of the first song that could compound classical and trance music with such a beautiful result....that's all, enough said....back to music therapy :P

Guybrush said... @ 10 March, 2015

Just found your blog post on this, The Messenger is my fav Infected Mushroom tune as I think it has all the major cues that make a fantastic Infected Mushroom tune! Seems like it was important in the development of their sound and it looks like they appreciate that, and want to give the tune some more of their time and energy!

It feels like it was a defining moment in their development (esp considering Converting Veg), so to hear such an amazing tune completely reworked is fantastic. Even though I prefer the original (just love the 90's sounding mix), for them to pick this tune to remix as a development marker makes my spine tingle!

Unknown said... @ 22 March, 2016

I actually really enjoy all three versions shown here. TH=hey all can work magic for me depending on what mood I'm in.

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