More Awesome Psychedelic Wallpaper Images

Back in May I did a post about psychedelic wallpaper backgrounds in which I uploaded some of my favorite trippy images that had been hanging around on my drives. I thought it might be about time to do an update on the psy wallpaper theme and share with you some more pictures that have found their way onto my computer over the last half a year or so. There are some really nice trippy and surreal images here so I hope you all enjoy them.

There are a number of different psy wallpaper styles here, all displaying a psychedelic motif. These pictures are good to use as desktop backgrounds and wallpaper for your PC or mobile. Recently I have been using some of these images to create psychedelic iphone cases which I talked about in my previous post here at PsyAmb.

Enjoy these trippy wallpapers and as always feel free to share this post and spread some psychedelic wallpaper love.

psychedelic art of alex grey

blue fractal

psychelic art

Awesome digital psychedelic spirtual background

Interesting psychedelic illusion via deviant art
fractal art tornado

sacred geometry trippy art

trippy entity

Water drops refracting into the psychedelic spectrum

A mad hatter on a decided psychedleic journey

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Unknown said... @ 03 June, 2016

Amazing pictures. Loved them all.

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