Psychedelic 60s 70s music

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Nothing is new in music or so the saying goes. When it comes to modern day psychedelic electronic music such as we find in the psytrance and psybient scene, is it possible to trace their roots ? Quite possibly. I find that the music that is played out on the dance floors of the international trance circuit has elements of music and feeling from the late sixties and early seventies. The music of that time often displayed long repeating bass-lines under floating, shimmering guitars that took the listeners on a journey much as modern day psychedelic electronic music does.

I was wondering how many listeners here might enjoy listening to some of the more obscure and hard to get tracks from that era so here I'd like to share with you a great little site called "Sonic Daydream" run my the mysterious Tom D. I've been listening to this site for many years now and I'm glad to see that Tom is back on the air after a bit of a slow period. This site is an absolute gem for music from around 1965-1975 - a golden area for freaked out psychedelic rock and pop. So take a break from the usual and add a bit of spice to your psychedelic listening with some absolute storming tunes from the psychedelic 60s and 70s all expertly mixed by a self proclaimed psychedelic music snob. Brilliant stuff.

Click below image to visit now, tune in and drop out :

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