Ableton Tutorial - Advanced Gated Patterns

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If you have ever wondered how the likes of Shpongle, Ott or Shulman get those atmospheric gated patterns you hear so often in their tracks then wonder no more. DJ Story from the Intuitive Beats website has produced a very easy to follow video on how to make gated patterns using sidechaining in Ableton music production studio.

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Posted on 6.5.11 by PsyAmb TAG : | 2 Comments ( ADD NEW COMMENT )

2 comments : said... @ 18 June, 2011

Hi, your mixes are inspirational. So much, that when I immerse myself in to the sounds, stories start to play in my mind.

I would like to do something with this. In my spare time I make short movies. Nothing special, just a hobby. I would like to use one of your mixes and try to convert the stories they induce on to film.

Is this possible? What would we need to do, if it were possible.


DJ Story said... @ 06 April, 2012

That would be awesome. Just get in contact with me, and I can provide some music to your liking.

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