New Psychedelic Art Drawing

psychedelic artHere is a new psychedelic art drawing ( left ) I recently completed titled "balance and decay". Click the image to see a full size detailed version.

I'm a big fan of psychedelic art, especially the works of late 60s and early 70s psychedelic artists that w
ere designing concert posters for psychedelic rock bands at that time. Some of my favorite artists include Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, Rick Griffin, Alton Kelley and Martin Sharp. If you are a fan of psychedelic art and would like to promote some work get in touch with me and I'll be more than happy to share them here on the psyamb site.

These guys made use of art nouveau styles and mixed them with psychedelic colors and flowing, morphing text to create some amazing trippy art masterpieces. The effect was both brilliantly psychedelic and informative with their well though out design elements. The original psychedelic posters now sell for hundreds and hundreds of dollars ! Even some of the reprints can fetch a tidy sum ! A great book to check out if you are into this style of psychedelic art is "High Art" by Ted Owen. I picked this up at a bookstore here is Osaka a number of years ago and it has become a real treasure in my psychedelic art book collection.

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Martin LeBlanc said... @ 26 April, 2011

Woah.... Lovely work. What tools did you use?

Unknown said... @ 29 April, 2011

Hi Martin,

I use a fine black ink pen and simply draw on printer paper. I draw half the image, scan it and then mirror it using photoshop. The only trick is to make sure you know how the mirrored image will look as you develop it.

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