Aquirax Uno Posters ( Japanese Psychedelic Design )

While doing some organizing around home I recently re-discovered an interesting book I picked up some years ago at a second hand book shop here in Osaka. Titled Aquirax Uno Posters 1959-1975, it contains a number of cool psychedelic designs from Japanese artist Akira Uno. 

Uno was most prolific in the 1960s and 1970s where his trippy illustrations were used in theater stage event advertising. He also did logo and fashion advertising for a number of boutiques in and around Tokyo. 

Here are a number of posters from the book I scanned in. I like his simple line work which is somewhat reminiscent of the work of Western 60's psychedelic artists. Many of his posters display sexual themes that were perhaps more openly accepted in Japan than the advertising standards allowed in the USA/Europe at the time. 

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Anonymous said... @ 13 January, 2017

Hey! Love this posters! when will your next mix come? I hope you had a good new year start. I love your blog <3 hope u are fine

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