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This week we have a mix of deep globalbass, glitchy beats, ethno whomp and thing that go wub. You'll hear plenty of goodies it this one ( 20 in fact ! ) so let's get started.

We begin with Macedonian duo Yudhisthira ( Goran Bugarinovski and Ognen Zafirovski ) with a sumptuous, spatial dubby ethno beat adventure from Vertigo Records "Peace And Love 3" compilation mastered by good ol' Colin OOOD - seems everything that passes his mixing desk turns into gold ! What a belter of a tune ! These guys have been around for near on two decades and this, ashamedly, is the first I have heard of them. It certainly won't be the last as I'll be watching these guys closely from now on.

One of the best EPs from last year, Master Minded's "The Source Of Life" is home to the next track "Leopard's Prophecy". This track combines a dark spiritual atmosphere with trippy cut up beats to create a kind of fractalized fissure of global bass beauty . Master minded ( Eyal Ytshar ) just released his epic new full length album on the superb Maia Brasil records label. Titled "Elements", much like the series released by Avatar Records it explores the mysteries of the four elements earth, air, water and fire. It's a little more relaxed than I expected but still a super album and is this weeks "album of the week" so check it out for pure ethno ambient bliss. 

Brujo's Bowl ( Saxon Higgs ) is always good value for quality beats and bass driven psychedelic shenanigans. Our next tune is a remix of his tune "Submininal Message" by Smoke Sign. This version is pretty funky with some nicely crafted slapped bass sounds and slugging bass kicks. Wicked dimensions  for sure. Another version of this track by Expedizion also featured on mix 53 so check that out if you dig this one. Saxon also releases music under the Beatroots alias. Beatroots kind of explores more minimal dub and hiphop sounds. Personally I prefer the old Brujo's Bowl stuff. He released a new Brujo's Bowl EP earlier this year however it was more of an uptempo dancefloor affair. You can catch him playing both BB and Beatroots at Canada's Luminosity Festival this July. 

With a bit of sample thuggery I mixed that tune into the awesome "Dersu The Trapper" from the legendary Bluetech off his album "Cosmic Dubs". This one contains some of that old school glitchy stuff Bluetech made a name for himself with mixed in with a more modern approach. It slowly build and builds into a tremendously hypnotic dub engine. Check out the whole album as it's a true classic.

Liquid Stranger is certainty no Stranger to pants ripping heavy bass sounds and monster remixes. On our next tune he is true to form with a 40lb anvil to the head remix of Bombay Dub Allstars' "Journey" from the album "Psychedelic Planet" released on Six Degree Records late last year. A really great comp it features remixes of Six Degree artists by some modern bass wizards including Kaminanda, Whitebear and Vlastur plus many more. 

Earlier this year the brilliant UK based artists Quanta ( Shane Harris ) released another of his standout EPs titled "Connecting Patterns". It features three new tunes and two remixes. I've gone for the title track for this mix. Quanta always delivers and this track is no exception. While it's not about to liquify your bones like the previous track it does have that unmissable Quanta glitchy groove that we all so love. This is what robots listen to when getting high no doubt.

Following on we have another of the new breed of UK based bass brigade - Wolfen Technologies ( Tom Chant ). This track "Spread Your Wings" comes from his latest album, the well received "Golden Fractals". It's a beautiful tune full of really lush pads, gnarly bass and dub stabs. Tom just supported the king of UK bass, OTT yesterday on April 25 at the Tribe Of Frog party in bass loving Bristol.

Following on from Tom is Greg Hunter and Japanese producer Hataken, together known as Waveshaper, with the title track from their album "Empty Path". I've been following Greg's music for as long as I can remember and he once again shows his limitless talents on this album. The duo have created an unique blended sound where traditional Arabic favors merge with a cleverly constructed take on modern dub. It's intoxicating stuff and is a must for fans of Youth, Darren Sangita, Dub Trees, Kumba Mela, Alien Soap Opera, etc. and perhaps even more exciting is the upcoming Waveshaper album "Electro Glyph" which is sounding phenomenal. It's out now as a a kind of single track download via pre-order. You can get it as the full 11 track album come this June.

Continuing the Middle Eastern theme we then get into some of the Shaman's Dream track "Istanbul Dubphonics" remixed by Drumspyder. Both these artists are at the top of their game at the moment so it's no surprise that this track just oozes class. Smooth wobbly bass, awesome percussion and cracking popping effects with a hypnotic Middle Eastern refrain layered over the top. Would sound absolutely epic on a big sound system !

Next up is Martin's Garden from Switzerland. A little more dubby this one. It also keeps the trance inducing Arabic feel going. Definitely another new artist to keep an eye on. This one can be found on the compilation album "Forest Garden" ( so many gardens ! ) which is another winning release from Maia Brasil Garden records ;)

One album I've been giving constant ear time lately is the latest Desert Dwellers release "The Great Mystery". This track "I Dropped It " starts out with some cheeky samples about "a vast amount of seamen" before building into an wicked tribal bass groover. You can check out a recent interview I did with the Dwellers for some more info. In the mean time get a hold of the new album - it's a total Earth shaking, grooving mind meld that's not to be missed.

Atriohm follows on next. The Atriohm project was created back in 2003 by brothers Leonid and Aleksandar Golcev from Skopje, Macedonia. Today Leonid is well known as the man behind Tengri whose Shipibo EP ranks as one of the best psybient albums of all time. These days Atriohm continues as a solo project with Aleksandar behind the controls. Today's tune "Close To Nowhere" is a remix of the version that appeared on Atriohm's groundbreaking 2009 psytrance album Ukalen. The remix is provided by heavy bass dub guru Vlastur. When I say heavy I mean dark matter heavy.

Aussie Ganga Giri's sound has had quite a makeover of late. From trance bush-beats to a thick blasting of bass crunk. He still has that ever present didgeridoo and dust sound that he wields like a man possessed. He is a regular at Australia's premier festival - Rainbow Serpent. I've been fortunate enough to hear his didge whip the crowd into a frenzy on a number of times there. This excellent tune "Cockatoo Boogaloo" comes from his new EP "Earthwise Vol 1".

Up next we have Zen Lemonade ( Gus Till and Super Cozi ) with a track from the "Ghosts Of The Earth" remix EP. On this track "Recovery" they give the original version a bit of bass heavy spit and polish. In other related news Super Cozi herself just announced that her new album "Bioshifter" is now available for purchase on Bandcamp !

We then have a tune from another Maia Brasil artist in Tribone ( Shahar Amit ) from his album "Cosmic Revolution" released late last year. His new album "The Chant" released on Merkaba Music is a real step up from the previous one so be sure to check that out too.  Very much an artist with a bright future ! 

Reshef Hatari aka Captain Hook is one of the world's leading trance producers. His debut album "Human Design" proved so popular he was in high demand on the festival circuit for the next three years. It was followed up two years later with 2013's hit release "Akashic Library" - another collection of original music , collaborations and superb remixes. Today's track is a remix of the track "Human Design" by Razorwolf. 

Two U.S producers, Shwex and Mumukshu, joined forces back in 2012 to create the tune "Elements Of Antiquity". Aussie beatmeister Whitebear then added his special sauce to the mix and came up with our next track. It appeared on Enig'matic Records - a label which shone brightly before sadly departing last year. Greatly missed by all I'm sure. Mumukshu is still going strong and has just released the "Abstract Systems" EP which is now available as a free download on bandcamp.

Getting near the end now and we have the curiously codified Drrtywulvz ( Levi Witt ) from Texas. This track "Distant Pyramid" comes from the compilation "Ideology Vol 2". A great little series of 3 releases each feature around four to five tunes. They are all available as name your price offerings so why not go grab your copies now if you are yet to do so. 

Following on we then have a track from one of the better psydub series of recent years. The Dub Warriors series from Triple Drop Productions. From volume 2 of that series I've gone for the track Ennead by Sixis ( Ben Wyss ). This is a curious tune that makes use of piano, guitar and heavy bass in an interesting, almost cinematic way. Very, very cool. 

Finally today we have a new artist to my ears - U.S producer Bunk Buddha ( Scott Donovan and Corey King  ). This track comes from their album "Fractal Surfing" which you can listen to on the Bunk Buddha Bandcamp site. Pretty cool stuff !

That's it for another episode of the PsyAmb podcast. If you managed to read through all that then I give you two personal thumbs up for effort ! As always let me know what tracks you enjoyed in the comments below and I look forward to uploading another of the global bass explorations sometime in the near future so stay tuned. 

Cheers ...

Track / Artist  

  • 01. Supreme Protection  -  Yudhisthira
  • 02. Leopard's Prophecy  -  Master Minded
  • 03. Sub Minimal Message -  Brujo's Bowl (Smoke Sign's Shining Light Remix)    
  • 04. Dersu The Trapper  -  Bluetech
  • 05. Journey  -  Bombay Dub Orchestra (Liquid Stranger's Sliptrip Edit)
  • 06. Connecting Patterns  -  Quanta
  • 07. Spread Your Wings  -  Wolfen Technologies
  • 08. Empty Path  -  Waveshaper
  • 09. Istanbul Dubphonics  -  Shaman's Dream (Drumspyder Remix)
  • 10. Aurora  -  Martins Garden    
  • 11. I Dropped It  -  Desert Dwellers
  • 12. Close 2 Nowhere Dub  - Atriohm (Drumspyder Remix)
  • 13. Cockatoo Boogaloo   -  Ganga Giri
  • 14. Recovery  -  Gus Till (Zen Lemonade Remix)
  • 15. Be Lucid  -  Tribone    
  • 16. Human Design  -  Captain Hook (Razonwolf Remix)
  • 17. Elements Of Antiquity  -  Shwex & Mumukshu (Whitebear Remix)
  • 18. Distant Pyramids  -  Drrtywulvz    
  • 19. Ennead  -  Sixis
  • 20. Fractal Surfing  -  Bunk Buddha
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        Unknown said... @ 27 April, 2015

        "Master minded ( Eyal Ytshar ) just released his epic new full length album on the superb Maia Brasil records label. Titled "Elements",...."

        Er, that should be Merkaba Music, not Maia Brasil. It is excellent tho.

        Psyamb said... @ 27 April, 2015

        Cheers Ross ! My fingers type faster than my brain works at times

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        My vote is-- MORE Globalbass type mixes!

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        That kicked my ass :-)

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