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Seasons Greetings everyone. I have a Christmas stocking full of some delicious psychedelic dub treats for you all today. Ho ho ho ... let's get rollin` ...

We  begin today with a track from Digital Samsara's 2007 album 'Ceasefire'. DS have a lot of sounds available for free download on their soundcloud page so check it out for a great collection of ambient dub and ethno psybient sounds.
Don Peyote, Yvon Mounier, has recently released a follow up to his 2009 album "Eternal Now". The new CD "Heaven and Earth" is an all together more spacial sound and one which is for Don a rather personal journey with each song reflecting different times and experiences within his life.

After Don is Tremsch & Metzler. Tremsch  Metlzer aka Martin Maier  Daniel Fuchs have created their own style of music which is based on new school techno house. In this mix we have a a remix of their tune "20 Toes" by Salz. Salz is the project run by cologne-based artists Axel Erbstößer and Emanuel Geller. Nine 12inches, two mix-albums and lots of pumping live-gigs, has brought Salz a lot of respect in the dubhouse-scene worldwide. If you like your dub in the dub-techno style such as deepchord or yagya then you should definitely check these guys out.

Long time favorite Bluetech is up next with a lovely little remix of Ooze's "What's Up" from the album "Where The Fields Never End Revisited". The original Ooze album "Where The Fields Never End" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest ambient dub albums ever released and forms a part of ambient music history that should be cherished by all lover of downtempo music.

Blue Lunar Monkey follows on with a remix of the Desert Dwellers track "Spaces Between". Desert Dwellers are either remixing or being remixed all the time so in can be quite a task keeping up with what they are doing. I recommend checking out their facebook/soundcloud pages to stay up to date with all the latest from this group of exciting and much in demand artists. 2012 was a big year for Desert Dwellers and I'm sure 2012 will continue in that vein. 

We then move onto a bit of a more traditional dub sound with "Ish Dub and Juan Cano" and their track "Good Bye South Africa" which you can pick up from a compilation EP called "Family Tree". Released on Eardrum Music a few years back it has a number of nice dub tunes on it including tracks from artists and Austero ( one half of the exciting duo Sunmonx ).

Keeping things in that traditional instrumental dub vein then we have something a little special - dub from China ! Jiang Liang has an awesome roots dub sound full of reverbed spacial constructs, dripping with heavy bass. This one comes from a recent favorite CD of mine called "Umberto Echo ‎– Dub The World " which has a number of well known dub, reggae artists on it such as Damien Marley, Steel Pulse, Sly  Robbie and Seeed. 

Then we have two more straight dub tracks - "Warrior Style" from Phase Selector Sound and Wizz by Jangle Machine before moving into the last track in the traditional dub mini section of the mix. Alpha and Omega wraps up this  section of the mix with their classic tune "This Is My Prayer" which has been remixed by Tara Putra as part of the album "In Dubland". You can pick that album up from the the Ektoplazm website where it has received a very high average rating of 95% and quite deservedly so too.

Things start to get a little more psydub now with Scopes and his tune "Eyes Closed" from the excellent "Digilog" EP which is one of my albums of the year. Got to love the heavy rolling bassline in this one !

Following on we have the gnarling, growly bass sounds of Lunecell and the track "Off The Grid" from the "Dub Warriors Vol 1" compilation released on Triple Drop Productions earlier this year. A superb compilation of psychedelic dub. Have a listen and grab a copy of it from the Triple Drop Productions Bandcamp page.

Doug Surreal makes use of the words of Yogi Maharishi Mahesh to great effect in his effects laden track "Bondage Of The Mind" which is a pulsating dub full of thick bass, deep echoing chords and jiggering rim shots. Awesome stuff. The mix then gets a full injection of psydub from Brujo Bowl and his track "Subliminal Message" which has been remixed this time by Expedizion ( Guillermo Agnese ) and can be found once again on the superb Dub Warriors Vol 1 CD that I mentioned earlier.
Last year was full of top dub albums and certainly one of the best to be released has be "Dub Mates Meeting" which is packed full of so many good tunes that it's difficult to choose just one. Today I've gone for artist Fingerprint ( Jan Erik Rød ) and his track Kingstoned.

We then have a few more psydub tunes from psytrance legends Eat Static and Dickster before we get to the track Bura from Zookeeper ( Jesse Edwards)  and Helatrobus. This comes from one of the best dub compilations of the last few years, "Dub Meditations", which was released in 2009 on Full Melt Recordings. A truly epic release of ambient dub, psychedelic dub and psychill sounds that has become a real treasure in my collection.

After a couple of ethno tribal tinged dubs from Triburk Sound System and Celt Islam we have the track "Walter's Sugar Cubes" from Squatin' Mobile Studio which apart from being a top tune has some cool samples from TV show Fringe talking about LSD infused sugar cubes. It's been a while since I've heard some good ol' drug samples in psychedelic dub tunes. That used to be THE thing to do about 10 years ago so I remember this coming as a welcome surprise when I first heard it.

Well I've got head off and do some Christmas shopping before things get too chaotic out there on the streets and grandmothers start punching each other up over the last remaining pokemon DS games in the stores. So I'll wrap up by saying the mix finally chills out a bit towards the end with the mighty Vibrasphere who are sadly no more ! Shniff sniff 8( . Anyway have a great Christmas everyone and and a rockin New Year. See you all in 2013 ( assuming the Mayans forgot to carry over the digits ) for some more psydub mixes. 

Cheers ...

 Track - Artist
  • 01. Milarepa@Cave  -  Digital Samsara
  • 02. La Foret Perdue  -  Don Peyote
  • 03. 20 Toes (Salz Dub Mix)  -  Tremsch and Metzler
  • 04. What's Up (Bluetech Schaffel Dub)  -  Ooze
  • 05. Spaces Between (Blue Lunar Monkey Remix)  -  Desert Dwellers
  • 06. Good Bye South Africa  -  Ish Dub and Juan Cano
  • 07. Ye Hou Shan Dub  -  Jiang Liang    
  • 08. Warrior Style  -  Phase Selector Sound
  • 09. Wizz  -  Jangle Machine
  • 10. This Is My Prayer (Tara Putra Remix)  -  Alpha and Omega
  • 11. Eyes Closed  -  Scopes
  • 12. Off The Grid  -  Lunecell
  • 13. Bondage of the Mind  -  Doug Surreal
  • 14. Subminimal Message (Expedizion Remix)  -  Brujo's Bowl
  • 15. Kingstoned  -  Fingerprint
  • 16. Holy stone  -  Eat Static
  • 17. Couch Surfer  -  Dickster
  • 18. Bura  -  Zookeeper and Helatrobus
  • 19. Enter the Taj Mahal  -  Tiburk Sound System
  • 20. Attar (Feat Dawoud The Renegade Sufi)  -  Celt Islam
  • 21. Walter's Sugar Cubes  -  Squatin' Mobile Studio
  • 22. Making U Sadly  -  Kuba
  • 23. Don't Lose Your Green Spirit  -  Green Beats
  • 24. Silly Psybin  -  Akasha
  • 25. Heartsong  -  Kalpataru Tree
  • 26. Ice Flow  -  Vibrasphere

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Anonymous said... @ 10 March, 2013

Who is speaking on the track by Fingerprint, at about 1:25:05 into the video?

Greatly appreciating your work!

Unknown said... @ 11 March, 2013

That's the voice of visionary artist Alex Grey

Anonymous said... @ 04 April, 2013

This is the best damn remix you folks have posted YET! And I really like many of them (like #25, #17). Never realized I was a Dubstep fan. But this is just out-freaking-standing!

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