Psychedelic Scientists

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Australian resident and graphic designer Simon Bent has produced a series of psychedelic pictures that celebrate famous scientists of years gone by. The work displays a decidedly 1960's psychedelic art feel reminiscent of old 60's psychedelic bill posters or the colorful world of Peter Max.

Science_vs_Delirium_Simon_Bent_freud psychedelic scientists
Science_vs_Delirium_Simon_Bent_darwin psychedelic scientists

It's impressive how Simon has managed to take those facial features which are instantly accessible in our memories and fill those features with minimalistic yet hypnotic splashes of color and psychedelic whimsy. Two visionary thumbs up sir for your psychedelic scientists ! For more trippy art in his 60's psychedelic art .vs. scientists gallery visit Simon's website over at v2a.

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