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With world economies falling over every other day it is refreshing to see a new economy on the rise - the psychedelic one. Amsterdam artist Dadara has been thinking long and hard about how to get people thinking about money in a more responsible and enlightening way. The answer - psychocash ! Over at The
Exchanghibition Bank, Dadara is offering a number of psychedelic banknotes which can be exchanged ( at reasonable rates ) for Euros.

The notes themselves are beautiful works of art which you can invest in. Funds raised through the exchange of Exhanghibition money will go towards supporting Dadara's dream of creating a huge swimming pool full of a million bank notes that people can swim around in at this year's Burning Man Festival.

Here are few samples of the psychedelic money art banknotes.

Exchange Rate Zero : € 5.00
Exchange Rate Million : € 2.50
Exchange Rate Infinite : € 7.50




It's kind of interesting that the exchange rate for the 'zero' bill is higher than that of '1 million'. It could be part of standard psychedelic monetary policy I guess. All sounds very interesting don't you think.

One thing is for sure - the economy of psychedelic money is one that won't be requiring any government handouts.

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