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Greetings. This week I've put together a collection of a tracks that deliver a varied expression of the psydub sound. From the smooth enthnodub of Kuba to the in your face heavy bass of Eat Static, this mix takes you on a relaxing ride across the psychedelic dub map.

Today we kick of with Kuba's track "Dub Of The Dreamer", which originally appeared on his EP "Above The Clouds". I recommend you get this one on the compilation album "Time By The River", a collection of Kuba's previously released EP and compilation tracks. It features thirteen classic tracks for just 7GBP !  I did hear of a new Kuba album in the works so follow him on Facebook to keep up to date on that one.

We then have a track from Illuminus off their excellent debut album "Sweep Dreams". It's a great album and was recently featured as an album of the week here at the psyamb blog. I feel it seemed to come out of nowhere and wasn't promoted so much, which is a shame as it is a top album and should not be overlooked.

Flowertz is the moniker of Gianpiero Fiorell. You can find this track on his album "Kumbhaka" which is a rather tasty mix of dub and downtempo music. It was awarded Best Ektoplazm ( Free Album ) release of 2015 at Reddit's annual Psybient awards.

Next up is a track from Wolf Tech from his album "Deep Space Dubz". Released early in 2016, the album features a mix of heavy bass, stuttering tribal glitch rhythms and modern dub expressions. One of my favorite albums so far this year.

UK based producer Neil Butler has impressed me a lot with the release of his two album "On The Edge Of Forever" and "Radial". Both albums are excellent examples of finely crafted psychedelic chillout,dub and downtempo that would appeal to any fan of psybient music. Today I've gone for the dub scented track "Squelchy Eluchqy" from Radial.

Following on is Citta Flow's track "Cloud Story", given a polished remix by deep psydub artist Kalpataru Tree. I highly recommend both artists - especially Kapataru Tree if you enjoy super chilled guitar based dub. You can pick this track up on the "Souls Emerge" compilation from back in 2013.

Another remix up next with Tor.Ma In Dub's remix of the track Bekhudi by Kaya Project. Tor.Ma has really impressed of late. He has been churning out lots of remixes and you can really notice the improvement in production since he arrived on the scene. Grab this one on the Kaya Project remix compilation "So it Was ​.​.. & So It Goes Remixed.

One of the best compilation albums of 2015 was Dakini Mother Tongue from Youth's resurrected Liquid Sound Design (LSD) label.  Featuring tracks from Youth and friends its an instant classic in the psydub, ethno ambient genre and harks back to the LSD days of old. I'm really excited about this new LSD output and am looking forward to more tasty goodies from this well respected label. Actually the next track is also an LSD release with Eat Static's remixing  Suns Of Arqa's track "The Truth Lies Therein" from the compilation "All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub". 

Hypnotizer delivers an excellent growling bass ganja tale on his track "Positive Energy" from the EP "Lotus" which you can find at the Space Teepee Music website.  Lotus is the third EP in Hypnotizer's "Sparkling Forest" series. All of them are really worth your time looking into and also be sure to check out his collaboration with Ashnaia Project - "Organic Dreamers".

After that we have some familiar bouncy squelchy dub from Quanta from "Dream Before You Sleep" which was released a few years back on one of the best psydub labels on the planet - Shanti Planti. 

Following Quanta is Ayonara. I don't know much about this guy except for a 4 track EP he released a few years back featuring today's track "Dub Yourself" and a couple of psytrance-esq tunes he has done. However the next artist we all know all too well. Globular has just released his new full length album "Holobiont" and all I can say is if you like anything he has done in the past then you are going to love this one ! I'm certainly enjoying it more than Ott's Fairchildren album, which was a bit disappointing to be honest - not sure how it got voted best album for 2015. Sure its good and all but maybe my expectations were too high ?

We finish with a track from Geoglyph from the compilation "Diversity In The Isles". I reviewed that compilation a little while back so be sure to check that out for more excellent UK based chillout. Anyway, this is a wonderfully uplifting dub tune and a nice way to finish off this journey into  psydub sounds. If you like this mix you can find similar dub themed mixes in the psyamb mixes archive

As always, thanks for listening and let me know your favorite tracks in the comments below. 

Cheers ...

Track / Artist
  • 01. Dub Of The Dreamer  -  Kuba
  • 02. Benzodiaczeppeliners  -  Illuminus
  • 03. World Confusion  -  Flowertz
  • 04. Wolf Tech In Dub  -  Wolf Tech
  • 05. Squelchy Eluchqy  -  Spatialize
  • 06. Cloud Story (Kalpataru Tree Remix)  -  Citta Flow
  • 07. Bekhudi (Tor.ma In Dub Remix)  -  Kaya Project
  • 08. Future Roots (Youth Vs Cosmic Trigger Destroyer Dub Mix)  -  Dub Trees
  • 09. The Truth Lies Therein (Eat Static Remix)  -  Suns Of Arqa
  • 10. Positive Energy  -  Isaak Hypnotizer
  • 11. Realms Of Mind  -  Quanta
  • 12. Dub Yourself  -  Ayonara
  • 13. Emergent Resurgence  -  Globular
  • 14. The Philosopher King  -  Geoglyph

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    congratulations to site,,,love this song:X:X

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    Many thanks indeed for this; it's fantastic. Also loved Astral Guitars, and going to listen to Ten Over Ten later. Great blog; your efforts are much appreciated. -- Murf

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