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A new mix online at long last ! I've been quite busy working on some art projects of late. I'll be able to share some of that output with you all soon. As for psychedelic ambient music - fear not, as I've still been handpicking some delectable tunes. Hopefully once things cool down I'll get some more mixes online.

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Anyway, before things get too stale and moldy, here is a collection of deep psybient numbers that have been twisting my noodle of late. Hope you enjoy them. 

Some tunes of special note here to check out are, well they are all pretty spesh really, but you can't go past opener "Insomni" from Green Beats rather excellent new "The Moon Antidote" album. There is also a track from the astounding Eat Static epic "Dead Planet" and a surprising new artist in Illuminus with a track from their very smooth psydub laden album "Sweep Dreams". Finally, don't forget to give Kaminanda's new album,"The Infinite Breath", some much deserved love.

Cheers ....

Track / Artist 
    • 01. Insomni  -  Green Beats
    • 02. Mother Tongue (Total Eclipse Remix)  -  Suns Of Arqa
    • 03. Vaikunthas (Ashnaia Dub Mix)  -  Sahana Vavatu
    • 04. Dejgidi ( Tengri Revisit ) -  Tengri & Atriohm      
    • 05. Cryons Of Will (Original Mix)  -  Tentura
    • 06. The Sacred Key Of Kalfu  -  Eat Static
    • 07. Shades Of Gray  -  Oberon
    • 08. Alakato - Hubel
    • 09. Pathways  -  PsiloCybian
    • 10. Oceanic (Desert Dwellers Remix)  -  AtYyA
    • 11. The Heart of the Matter  -  Terra Nine
    • 12. Suddigung  -  Illuminus
    • 13. Wisdom Keepers  -  Kaminanda
    • 14. Oak Seers  -  Entheogenic

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