Nokorimono Vol 5 - Chillout Mix - PsyAmb 57

This is the fifth mix of the Nokorimono chill out music series ( for more select "Nokorimono Mixes" in the tags on the right menu ). These mixes are a collection of chill out mixes / ambient mixes comprising of tracks that don't quite fit into the regular PsyAmb mix genres of dub,ambient or psybient music. 

This time around I have a bit of an eclectic mix of tracks that span a diverse range of chillout genres. A shout out to a few of the blog readers including Sebastian from "Meet The Ambient" and Kevin/Ian of "Cymophane" who were generous enough to provide two of their own tracks for this episode. Check them out sometime - great talents ! Thanks a million guys. 

There are number of classic Australian oldies on offer today from the likes of Grey Area, Antideluvian Rocking Horse and Melbient as a well as some fresh meat from Shpongle, Argaman and an awesome new track from the Resonant Heart compilation released by Merkaba Music.

Track / Artist
  • 01. Mother Mature (Oxya Remix)  -  Kino Oko 
  • 02. Unique Morning  - Prototype 
  • 03. The Ones We Love the Most  -  Perpetual Loop 
  • 04. Profit  -  Zebbler Encanti Experience 
  • 05. Wytaliba (The Girl By The River)  -  Sun In Aquarius 
  • 06. Introduction - Warp Experience 2 ( Various ) 
  • 07. 27042007  -  Meet The Ambient 
  • 08. Rain Dance  -  Xpirimint 
  • 09. Dead Men Naked, They Shall Be One [Dub]  -  Cymophane 
  • 10. Maeoma  -  Vataff Project 
  • 11. Tongues Of Fungus  -  The Sunkings 
  • 12. Wakefulness  -  Mumukshu 
  • 13. Paranoid Systems  -  Grey Area 
  • 14. Honey I'm Home  -  Argaman 
  • 15. Lunar Suite  -  Robert Leiner 
  • 16. On Her Majesty's Secret Dune  -  Antediluvian Rocking Horse 
  • 17. Narla  -  Melbient 
  • 18. Toybox Adventure  -  Xerxes 
  • 19. Shpongle Duet  -  Shpongle

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Muncle Uscles said... @ 20 March, 2013

Man, I just had an amazing adventure with this episode playing, and decided to finally say thank you!

I discovered your podcast a couple of months ago, and have been a fan ever since. Some of my best mind exploration journeys have been accompanied by your mixes in my headphones.

Just wanted to say I much appreciate your work, best of luck and keep 'em coming!

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