3d Fractal Art Animation

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3d fractal art
If you like 3d fractal animations then get ready for a real treat. This is a wonderfully animated 3D fractal movie created by Jérémie Brunet ( aka bib993 ) titled "Like in a dream II". The video was originally created to accompany one of the popular TEDx talks presented by Bryan Alvarez about the Human Atlas project. The project is aiming to create the first ever 3D interactive atlas of the human body that scales from organs to atoms, and depicts the dynamic living processes of the human body.

"The mission of this project is to celebrate the beauty of living systems. Imagine exploring a version of Google Earth where you could see all of Earth's animals roaming the planet, oceans and weather moving in real time, and travel deep into the Earth's center. If you can imagine this for the human body, you can begin to imagine the Human Atlas Project." - Human Atlas Project

Jérémie also has a rather excellent deviant art page with lots of 3d fractal images he has been creating over the last few years.

For more interesting vids check out this trippy videos collection

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