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simon posford interview facebook shpongleSimon Posford has been a busy man this year with a full US tour of Shponlge plus the release of the latest Younger Brother album. Yesterday he took time out to have a bit of a chat with his fans on his Facebook group. What a nice chap !

Simon Posford (SP): “Disorientated and a little bored, waking up at 1am in my hotel room… let’s do a Q&A…. ask me anything, right now, and i will answer in this thread….

Misha Baker: What is your favorite Shpongle song??

SP: And the Day turned to Night or Invisible Man in a Fluorescent suit

Rain Sguigna: Do you feel yourself as a bringer of new consciousness,

SP: No, merely an expression of one that exists in us all…

Bahar McIntyre: What do you love?

SP: Life, Consciousness, and Love

Sierra Oliveri: What’s your favorite instrument to play?

SP: If i’m feeling sad, the piano.
If i’m inspired or lazy, the guitar.
If i want fun, the drums… but my kit isn’t always set up.

Raja Ram: What’s the worst smell ever???

SP: As you well know, Raj, the worst smell is the smell of your headphones after a 2 hour DJ set!!!

Andy VanDruff: Couldn’t stay away, is the smell of the headphones worse than your tour bus?

SP: DEFINITELY! A scented candle or two can help a tour bus… but only an incinerator can fix those headphones!

Sierra Oliveri: Hey psy, did you start your musical career with psytrance or did you play any other type of music first

SP: I was in a Dub band for a while.

Alex Everett: What was your biggest barrier when you started out producing?

SP: My own mind. At the time i thought it was equipment. Or not being able to get it to the right people. But the truth is, it was my own mind…. once i gave my entire being and every hour of my life to it, then everything became easy.

Simon G : Best and worst trip?

SP: Worst trip – i took a bus through Europe with my dad to go skiing. We shared a bed and both farted all night. In the day i got so sunburned that my whole face peeled off.
Best trip – I took DMT, lay on my couch and went to another Universe where i had a stream of revelations and teachings about everything from Time to The Source of Everything. Again, my face face peeled off….
….But only metaphorically this time.

Samantha Gregorc Would you consider yourself a shaman?

SP: Absolutely not. I make no claims to be able to heal people.

Rita Chen: Do you think psychedelics are essential for psytrance production?

SP: Judging by the psytrance i hear these days, nothing is essential, except a computer and a limb that can click a mouse. Or did you mean “good” psy-trance?

Heather Neufeld: Do you find cheese tastes better when you eat it while wearing a hat?

SP: No, but it does taste better eaten off a girl’s thigh. (rethinks it) although it depends what kind of cheese it is…ewww…

Kevin Woods: Craziest thing you’ve seen on tour?

SP: In Japan i took a wee in a bottle for a fan…

Adam Stiles: Where’d you get that sweet hat that makes all the girls swoon?

SP: My ex made it

Genevieve Yates: (concerning 2012 and the apocalypse)

SP: for Genevieve Yates… i direct you firstly to my answer to : John Briffa do you know of any scientific evidence to support the whole fundamentalist hippie, galactic alignment, 12 strand dna activation, mayan baktun 2012 ascension twaddle?
If by “scientific evidence”, you mean peer-reviewed evidence from respected scientists who have published in accredited journals, then the answer is “No, not a shred.”
Personally i think nothing will happen. It is just a date in the Gregorian calendar we choose to follow. Consciousness will continue to evolve. The planet will continue to exist. Wars will come and go as long as we let these morons that we choose to rule our nations fight over land and resources. Mankind won’t die out. December 22nd will be just like any other day in the last 10 years.
I agree with Professor Brian Cox:
I think if we are worrying about Dec 21st 2012, then we have far too much time on our hands and live in an affluent unsympathetic society that should be concerned with the very real problems that face the rest of the world right now. I could go on, if you want me to be more specific.

Greg Horowitz: night before the end of the world…one last set to play…Shpongle, Shpongle live, or hallucinogen?

SP: Shpongle Live, with my homies, no computer, all jamming together!

Rakesh Prabal Kumar: How many groupies do you have sitting on your lap at this moment ?? Don’t Fucking lie to us Simon ! ;)

SP: NONE! Sometimes life just isn’t fair, you know?

Robert Shaw: What phase of the moon do your best shows happen?

SP: Full Moon… Lunacy is a real phenomenon.

Alex Everett: Let’s say Kanye West invites you to his mansion to hot box his studio. While both of you are on the cloud nine, Kanye asks you if he could sample The stamen of the shaman for his new album. He claims that it will be the most amazing song he ever with deep and thoughtful lyrics, but you cannot hear it until the album is out (he would of course pay royalties) nor will you be allowed to have any creative input aside from clearing the sample. Would you let him do it?

SP: “Kanye, thanks for the smoke and all… but Fuck Off mate…”

Peter Rogen: …don’t you hate it when there is nothing else around…so you smoke DMT out of your best weed pipe…then the taste never comes out?

SP: Yes. Also when you have run out of hash, but you have some DMT lying around, and it looks a bit like hash, so maybe it might do the same thing… and then oops, i wasn’t ready to enter another dimension….

Samantha Gregorc: solution- isopropal alcohol, iodized salt, a pipe cleaner and a dash of lemon juice :)

SP: Is that for the haemmorhoids? Sounds painful….

Jillae Langman: how are you doing..? sinseraly [sic]

SP: Thanks for the question. I am deranged, i am spun out, i have a huge haemmorhoid [sic] sticking out my butthole (can i get any more honest than that?) I split up with my girlfriend of 4 years, i just woke up at 1am after sleeping most of the day. Touring isn’t great for me. I’m Slightly obsessive compulsive, don’t really like shaking hands; don’t like change too much, so i am confused, derailed and On Tour! I miss my bed. I miss my garden. I miss my studio and my friends and family. I am not really me right now, so all these answers are irrelevant anyway…..

Samantha Gregorc: Shpongleland: have you ever been there?

SP: Samantha, i LIVE there!


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