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Some captivating bass heavy tunes have been tickling my fancy of late. Here is a mix of psychedelic tunes with a bass focus. This one starts of in a pretty laid back fashion with a couple of tracks from Anchor Hill and AtYya. 

Anchor Hill ( Richard Hartley  ) has crafted a fine album with his latest "Medicine Grove" release. Check it out on his Bandcamp page. AtYya ( Tyler Clark ), like Richard, is another bass lover from Canada and also has his latest work up on Soundcloud

Some great stuff coming out Canada these days. Once upon a time there was pretty much just the Interchill label but now there are lots of new producers emerging. 

After the those guys we have yet another Canadian - Daega Sound, one of my favorites when it comes to to deep bass laden electronic music. You can pick up this tune, Terra, along with many superb others on the Bloom Series Vol 1 release.

We then move into a champion bit of psydub with a unique vibe from Soulacybin ( John LaBoone ). This track, Shine Out, comes from Mycelium Music Compilation Vol. 3.  For more of his excellent music have a listen to his latest full length release - Gratitude on the brilliant Australian label Merkaba Music.]

Next is ever inventive Supersillyus ( Rob Uslan ) from LA with his tune on the latest Mycelium Comp - Volume 4. An exceptional compilation with 16 songs of pure genius and 100% of the album proceeds go to Amazon Mycorenewal Project to support bioremediation in Ecuador ! 

Another Merkaba Music artist follows on with Kaminanda ( Stephen Kaminanda  . Kaminanda exploded on the scene a couple of years back with a very tribal dancefloor friendly fusion of bass, glitch and beats served up in a psychedelic funk soup. The story continues on his new album - Liminal Spaces.  Stephen is one of the best DJ/Live acts you can witness in the US right now so if you see him on the bill make time to check him out. 

Drumspyder ( Scott Sterling ) then delivers a nice playful remix of the Dessert Dwellers track Wandering Sadhu. Sounds like this would be a perfect groove for a morning set on a dusty tribal dance floor. 

The mix stars to get a bit deeper now with the ever fabulous Quanta laying down some subterranean psydub. Quanta's music is consistently amazing. I could easily play a mix of nothing but Quanta tunes ! Quanta hails from Wales and now resides in Cornwall in the UK. Maybe it's something to do with the British countryside that produces such great psydub. Ott is another UK countrysider that comes to mind. 

Next is some masterful glitch hop from Gravitas Recordings artist Somastoast ( Mark Rubin ). Schizophrenic Mystic is the opening track on the 4 track EP Withinity released back in April this year. The EP has been very well received, gaining top reviews around the world. Its a pay what you like affair on Gravitas Recordings so give it a listen.

We delve back into the Merkaba Music sound library again for the next few tunes - The Ancient Future by Master Minded ( Eyal Ytshari  ) from his album Heart and Soul then Ecometric off the Resonant Mind compilation followed by a track from Mystral's ( Aaron Powell ) album World Without Limits. What a great year Markaba is having with at least 8 top albums out and we still have four months to go ! Must be in the running for label of the year I reckon. 

Following on is another artist with a new album out - David Starfire. David's latest release is titled Transformation and is available now as a pay what you like download from Bandcamp. David is an artist on the highly regarded world music label Six Degrees Records where his blend of psychedelic electronica, hip hop and eastern melodies has proved commercially very popular. His earlier tunes were a bit too soft but lately he is demonstrating a bit of harder edge which I like.

David's track then gives way to a remix of The Human Experience track "Ot Du Shi" by Malaysian producer Whitebear ( Arthur Song ), now resident of Melbourne, Australia. Whitebear's music can also be heard on Merkaba and other labels such as Enig'matik Records and Shanti Planti. One of my favorite remixers. If you are on Facebook you can keep an eye on what he is up to by following his Facebook page. This track comes from "The Human Experience - Remixes Vol 1". I love Whitebear's sounds as it carries a bit of a psybreaks flavor - no doubt an influence from working with Enig'matik.

Next we have a collaboration between Quanta and Eurythmy from the Shanti Planti collective release "Rhythm Code". With a very generous 13 tracks on offer it is one of the best bass albums I've heard this year and if you are diggin the sounds in this mix you have got to get your hands on it.  

After the penultimate track - a remix of the Desert Dwellers' tune Seeing Things by Landswitcher we close out this mix with the melancholic sounds of "Dance All Night" by Phetsta which you can find on the Prism EP.

Thanks for reading this far guys and I hope you enjoy these tunes. Let me know which is your favorite in the comments form below. 

Cheers ...

Track / Artist 

  • 01. New Leaf  -  Anchor Hill
  • 02. Seeing truly  -  AtYyA    
  • 03. Terra  -  Daega Sound
  • 04. Shine Out  -  Soulacybin
  • 05. Supersillyus  -  The Proof is in the Pudding
  • 06. Empathic Spaces  -  Kaminanda
  • 07. Wandering Sadhu (Drumspyder Remix)  -  Desert Dwellers
  • 08. Nature Of Reality  -  Quanta
  • 09. Schizophrenic Mystic  -  Somatoast
  • 10. The Ancient Future  -  Master Minded
  • 11. Tendrils  -  Ecometric
  • 12. Electric Rhapsody  -  Mystral
  • 13. Sharaj  -  David Starfire
  • 14. Ot Du Shi (Whitebear's Shadow Mix)  -  The Human Experience
  • 15. Psywamp (Eurythmy Mix)  -  Quanta and Eurythmy
  • 16. Seeing Things (Land Switcher Remix)  -  Desert Dwellers
  • 17. Dance All Night  -  Phetsta       

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