Terence McKenna Drawing

Another quick sketch this week for the YouTube psychedelic art channel. This time I went for a drawing of everyone's favorite psychonaut - Terence McKenna. I've been reading and listening to McKenna for over 20 years and thought it might be challenging to capture his likeness in Copic markers and pencil. 

Check out the full drawing time lapse and let me know what you think. If you like the drawing don't forget to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with new art as I post. 

Check out the full timelapse here :

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Green Man Drawing

Hi Guys. Since my last post I've been busy getting this new YouTube channel going with some more trippy art. Here is a recent drawing and video I did which explored the ancient folklore of the Green Man. 

The Green Man drawing
The Green Man

If you like this drawing and want to see more then go visit my art channel and subscribe to stay up to date on when I upload new drawings. 

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Recent Psychedelic Art Drawings

It's been a while since I've posted any art here on this blog so I thought I'd share some recent creations that I've been uploading to a new YouTube channel. 

If you like psychedelic art or any kind of art with a colorful trippy vibe to it you might find my channel interesting. I'll try to post new art there on a regular basis so if you like watching along to these art timelapse videos then why subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with new art as I upload. 

Most of the art of the channel is created with Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils which is a combination I really enjoy as it allows me to create detailed, colorful art without all the mess and space requirements of acrylic or oil paint.

The first drawing is a psychedelic octopus. This took about 10 hours to draw in total. I really enjoyed the organic free flowing style in this one and the trippy color combination were a lot of fun to render too. I also experimented with using the Copic various ink refill bottles for an abstract drip art background.

Next is a small trippy drawing of some magic mushrooms that turned out really well with some vibrant psychedelic color combinations. This took longer to draw than I expected as it was quite detailed in parts. It was a rewarding experience though as it allowed me to test some new paper I had recently purchased. I'm not too fussed about paper and tend to use the cheapest I can find that blend Copic markers well enough. However this new paper, produced by .Too, the same company which makes Copic markers, has made me rethink my stance on paper as it was so nice to draw on ! Perhaps I'll save this more expensive paper for particularly special projects.


Finally I'd like to share this psychedelic Homer Simpson fan art drawing I did. This was my first attempt at drawing anything in a cartoon style. What do you think ? I started this off by doing a freehand sketch of a drooling Homer then added various surreal elements over the top. After transferring the initial sketch I then did the lineart with some copic multiliners and then colored. I really dig this drawing so I plan to do some more trippy cartoon style art in the future.


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