DMT Trip Report

Here is a new video I just uploaded with a look at a DMT trip report by Terence McKenna. It has lots of his classic ideas and quotes on the experience. Some of you Shpongle fans might notice the odd sample or two as well !

DMT Trip Report :

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Nike Air Jordan Drawing - Psychedelic Remix

Here is something a little different. Just finished up this psychedelic rendering of a Nike Air Jordan basketball shoe. I like how this one turned out and kind of wish I could actually see a real version of this ! Maybe through the magic of 3D printing someday. 

Some more new music is also on the way too so be sure to check out the PsyAmb YouTube channel where all the new mixes are now hosted.

PsyAmb YouTube :

If you would like to support the PsyAmb project there is also a new Patreon page where you can access audio downloads of new mixes :

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Have a great weekend everyone !

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Visionary Art Drawing Timelapse

Recently finished up a new drawing done in a visionary art style. This was created with my usual combination of Copic markers and color pencils. In this drawing I tired to express some of the ideas and imagery captured from within the psychedelic experience. You can follow along with the timelapse video below. Have a great day everyone.

YouTube visionary art timelapse :

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