DMT Art : 40 Visionary Paintings Inspired by DMT

DMT art is a form of visual psychedelic expression that is slowly gaining in numbers on the internet as the topic becomes more openly shared through social media. Psychedelic spiritual art is something I have long been into. So with that in mind I though you guys might like to get your heads around some wonderful DMT trip inspired art from a number of amazing artistic visionary explorers.

Note : Click on each item to see a larger, more detailed version of the image. 

dmrt art painting

I hope you enjoyed these images. One of the above drawings was actually drawn by me ( the chameleon one ).

If you know of any other DMT art or artists inspired to create paintings or drawings inspired by the use of DMT then feel free to leave a note in the comments below.

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Anonymous said... @ 12 November, 2013

Mind blowing images. I've never tried DMT but I appreciate the art it inspires.

Anonymous said... @ 17 January, 2014 is my link .. i caught the answer to the universe during a hit of DMT. The came back and caught my whole vision.

DMT ART. Where Are You Are Here - The Answer To The Universe. Visual Guide for Humans No.33 (Assembly Required) Find The Center.

Unknown said... @ 22 March, 2014

Where can I buy art like this I cant find it for sale any where

Anonymous said... @ 29 August, 2014

some of the art was created by me.

Anonymous said... @ 24 November, 2014

I use dmt to create art, nothing as detailed or any of these but feel free to check em out!

Anonymous said... @ 11 December, 2014

OMG Ive Been HERE...
Thank you for these amazing images!

Main Senf said... @ 09 June, 2015

Hey there! Nice artwork! Would it be possible to use one of the pictures in my Blog? I just made an awesome Ayahuasca-experience a couple of weeks ago and wrote about it. Would be nice to add a pic as well. Greets Tobi

Anonymous said... @ 13 December, 2015

I smoked changa pretty recently for the first time.
Nothing like I'd contemplated dmt to be for like say 5 years.
Damn man. I get flashbacks when I look at your images. Amazing work! Keep the gaia liquid as it always is.

Unknown said... @ 22 January, 2016

Can anyone tell me who has created the Mayan God mask art pictured above. I would love to contact this person and bring them more business!

Unknown said... @ 04 June, 2017

Can I post these on my instagram? I can add whomever to the post as credit for creating them to promote sales of them if needed.

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